Penthouse on 2 levels - special concept, 133.42 sq m useful

Property ID: 19390
This property is part of the complex: The DaVinci Homes Residential Complex – Sibiu Real Estate
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Property ID:

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Property ID: 19390
Sale Price: € 135,400 
Area:Zona de Vest - DaVinci
Floor space:133.42 sqm
Floor no:2/2
Building floors:2
No of balconies:1
No of beds:4
Completion date:2022
Last updated: 29 November 2023
Number of views: 309


Penthouse on 2 levels - special concept, 133.42 sq m useful - located on the 2nd floor in the Raffaello villas in the DaVinci Homes complex (Sibiu, West area)

Penthouse located on the 2/2 level of a modern villa (9 apartments in the entire villa), built to the highest standards of quality and comfort that you will find in Sibiu.

- Total usable area 133.42 sq m

- Terrace area 12.84 square meters (the terraces are waterproofed and covered with granite)

- 2 bathrooms

- The living room is 5.6 m high and has large windows facing SOUTH (lots of natural light, great panoramic view.

- Granite on the staircase and on the terraces

- Territorial occupation of only 25%

The first apartment villas in the DaVinci Homes complex will be handed over in July 2023.

EXCELLENT thermal efficiency through: - Floor heating on both levels (Romstal) with extended warranty

- Thermal insulation made with basalt wool (double price compared to classic insulation with polystyrene)

- The apartment is located in the middle of the block (only 1 single exterior wall - SOUTH exposure)

- PVC carpentry, 5 rooms and 3 sheets of glass (40% more expensive than what is usually used in the real estate market)

- Exterior blinds with electric drive (equipment found only in the DaVinci Homes neighborhood)

50% of the total studied areas represent the green area. From this point of view, the DaVinci Homes neighborhood is the greenest residential neighborhood in Sibiu. The clearly superior quality of life in a house surrounded by fresh greenery is confirmed by all specialists. Green is the color of life and always affects us positively. In addition to the 50% area of the green area, all the parking lots were executed with grassy tiles to increase even more the residents' exposure to the green.

The DaVinci Homes neighborhood is located in the West area of Sibiu, 2 minutes by car from the West industrial area. Every morning, the city of Sibiu is blocked on the "Center to the West" direction, but it is completely free on the "West to the Center" direction. In the evening, the traffic jam is exactly the opposite. Thus, the residents of DaVinci Homes will leave home and return home on the always free direction of traffic.

Price and method of payment: The price differs depending on the villa you want to buy, but also depending on the chosen payment method.

The DaVinci Homes neighborhood includes 120 apartment villas designed according to the architecture and is mostly developed by German investors (38 villas were built in the last 12 months alone).

*** the pictures with the beautiful wooden stairs are NOT pictures taken in this apartment (the pictures were uploaded to show the type of stairs that will be used).


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