5 unique places to visit in Romania - in the heart of nature

5 unique places to visit in Romania - in the heart of nature

What are the factors that influence the choice of places to go on vacation? Your personality, the intensity of the spirit of adventure? The budget? So far you have chosen an exotic destination or a destination where your spirit of exploration was present to the maximum or the destination where your only good friend was nature.

The whole world is full of beautiful places waiting for their visitors. Today's article proposes 5 "different" destinations in Romania, where a cottage, the fresh air and the beauty of our country are the only ones that accompany you. Don't worry, the destinations are perfect for the existing pandemic conditions.

Here are the 5 charming locations in our country (and their cottages) that you must visit at least once in your life.

1. Porumbacu Treehouse. The first stop we make is in Porumbacu de Sus, a beautiful area, surrounded by mountains, at the foot of Negoiu peak. In sight and yet as if absorbed by the trees around them, the two spaces provide you with the bare essentials, without forgetting the comfort you need, and return you back to childhood when your dream was to have a house in the tree. A bedroom, a mini kitchen, a bathroom and a small relaxation space are enough when you love nature and peace. And because everything is more pleasant with other people, the surface of the two houses calls with you 3 more people.

2. Sihastru. A different house, a Nordic design, with large windows that call you to meditation and contemplation of divine simplicity. Located in the Calimani Mountains, it is among the 3 types of accommodation enjoyed by the Haita Land complex in the Vatra Dornei area. With a capacity of 3 people, the bedroom, living room, shower space and kitchen provide all your needs. In addition, the house in Haita Land has a terrace that takes you one step closer to the height of the air.

3. The Valley of the Twelve. The place is located about 15 kilometers from Piatra Neamt, in Dobreni. For accommodation, 4 rustic houses are available, as if taken from a fairy tale. If you love wood, traditional, popular settlements and still remember the stove in your grandparents' house, any of the 4 houses in the Valley of the Twelve are the perfect and right choice for you. But because the main message they send is the disposal of technology and everyday life, I must mention that you will enjoy the light of a lamp on oil, and the sockets are the necessary lack to fulfill the message.

4. "In our country the mountain". In Horea commune, Alba county, "La noi la munte" means a charming house that has an apartment and an attic. And because we are talking about different spaces, its attic will charm you from the first contact. An intimate space, suitable for two people. A huge window, which lets the natural light wake you up every morning, a bathroom, a wood stove and a terrace complete the mountain landscape and the tranquility of the village full of simple, hardworking and welcoming people.

5. Cabana Berg. Located as if on a hilltop, the Berg chalet is located in the village of Paltina, 30 km from Cluj. A Scandinavian style cottage with large windows, suitable for a group of 10 people. It has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen with all utilities, a bathroom and a tub. With a minimalist, clean accent, the cottage gives you the impression that you are in a Nordic country at home.

A material by Mirela Ionita

Photo credit: google.ro, iTurist.ro, haitaland.ro
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