6 TikTok accounts for DIY enthusiasts

6 TikTok accounts for DIY enthusiasts

Today, TikTok is one of the most used applications in the world due to all the entertainment themes you can find. Whether we are talking about comedy videos, cooking videos or videos of interior design, education, etc., all of these are in the same place. Among other topics addressed here, we also find DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.
Do it yourself projects are designed for those who, for various reasons, want to make decorations or other handmade products, inspired by certain videos or pictures. These are also very common on the TikTok platform, where many content creators have created DIY pages followed by many people.

In today's real estate blog article we present you some DIY accounts from TikTok that you can follow for inspiration.

1. Blondesigns
With almost a million followers, Annika Marie is behind the Blondesigns account. She is in love with do it yourself projects, and her house is proof of that. She loves art and color, and on her page you will see, among other things, decorations painted by her.

2. Karlin Summer
With this name you can also find tiktok, where you will see all the ideas put into practice on your own home. She loves to experiment, and redecorating is her favorite activity. In addition to presenting DIY projects that do not require a large budget, a plus is the presentation of all the mistakes she made at one point.

3. Emily Rayna
When you do everything with pleasure, the results are immediately visible. This also applies to Emily, who enjoys about 5.8 million followers. Why does she have such a large community? Being an interior designer by profession, she publishes daily DIY videos, and the content is always different. At the same time, most of the ideas posted are within an acceptable budget.

4. Graceful_designs_vt
Grace, the person behind this account, also brings to the attention of her followers DIY projects, but greatly influenced by an aspect that motivates her in everyday life: sustainability. Her account is not only for lovers of do it yourself projects, but also for people passionate about reconditioning old wooden parts. So, if you have a piece of furniture that you want to recondition, you must follow it.

5. Victoria Road Restoration
Lucy Kemp is the TikTok user who coordinates this page and has a lot of inspiration for quick and easy DIY projects. Wondering how to better and easily beautify an old vase or how to set up your grandparents' wooden table? With a click on this tiktok account, everything will be much easier.

6. Houseofhipsters
Kyla, who runs the Houseofhipsters page, proposes do it yourself projects for both vintage and modern design. Decorate the beautiful space with DIY tricks that are economical and environmentally friendly. He also offers advice on cleaning the house and arranging it as practically as possible.

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