Arranging a studio by delimiting the areas

Arranging a studio by delimiting the areas

Arranging a studio can be a big challenge for those who want to make it as useful as possible, with a pleasant and modern design.

The studios are the cheapest and the best option for any beginning, both for a couple and for any person who wants to have their own home. In general, studios have an usable area between 25 and 40 sqm. On the Sibiu real estate market there are both studios with detached or semi-detached rooms, with separate kitchen, and one bedroom apartments for sale. Both for the first and the second category, there are practical arrangement solutions.

We thought that this material could be useful to you and that is why we gathered information in order to offer you best possible solutions for arranging a studio.

When the kitchen of a studio is not separated by the walls of the sleeping area or the living area, it can be separated in another way. Thus, with a little imagination, a useful and pleasant space can be created, in which all areas are separated.
We offer several options that will help to delimit all areas in an one bedroom apartment.

1. The sleeping area can be separated by a sliding glass wall. Such a wall will separate the bedroom area from the other areas without obstructing natural light. Thus, during the day the space will not be crowded, and when the sleeping area has to be used, this wall can close the sleeping area. For more privacy, this wall can be made of frosted glass.

2. Another practical and at the same time beautiful option for separating the living area from the sleeping area, is a library which is open on both sides or only on the part of the living area. In addition, it can be a useful storage space, both for books and other things that can be left in plain sight.

3. The cooking area can be separated from the living or sleeping are using an island or a bar. Besides the pleasant appearance, they can be very useful. An island or a bar can be used both for storage and for dining, creating the feeling of separation of areas.

4. Another element that can delimit the areas in a studio, can be a closet with mirrors applied on the doors. Mirrors are meant to enhance the space, and, if placed in a strategic position, they have an important role in creating brightness in the space.

5. Decorative panels can be another good option for separating areas. The materials from which these panels are made can be MDF or even PVC, the second option being cheaper and easier to apply. These will give the home a personalized and modern air.

6. The delimitation of spaces can be determined by different finishes or carpets. For example, in the kitchen area you can opt for tiles, and in the other area you can install parquet. Besides, you can put different carpets, both in the living/bedroom area, but also in the kitchen.

7. Curtains can also be used to delimit different areas. They can be installed on a ceiling-mounted rail, and the cost is small for this option. It is recommended that they be light in color for maximum effect.
So, with a little imagination and skill, you can turn a studio into a modern and very welcoming home.

It is very important to arrange your home to your heart's content, because home is the place where you are welcome whenever you return. Enjoy your home, no matter what square footage it has!

Text: Nicoleta Dascal