Bia Art Textil – Out of passion for beauty

Bia Art Textil – Out of passion for beauty

Bia Art Textil is a family story, a local business that was born out of a passion for beauty. Bianca and Adrian Danes manufacture high quality textile products, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Made of cotton, linen, hemp and other natural materials, the products made by Bia Art Textil are extremely sought after on the local market and beyond.
In the following we invite you to discover their story.

1. Tell us about Bia Art Textil and what makes it stand out from other businesses in the field?
Bia Art Textil was created in 2016, out of the desire to manufacture quality textile products both for the HORECA field and for the residential segment. We offer a complete range of textiles for hotels, pensions, restaurants, pubs, SPAs but also for apartments and private houses or for those using the Airbnb system.
We are a team of ambitious and passionate people who aim to manufacture special products at a high quality standard. Our strengths are the experience of over 20 years in the textile field, the very varied range of materials of the best quality and the way of working, which involves not only the manufacture of the products but the whole process: from consulting, measurements, delivery to assembly. Our greatest satisfaction is when the end result fully meets the expectations of our customers or even exceeds them.

2. What are the challenges in such a business?
Our biggest challenge is maintaining a high standard of quality at competitive prices. Our challenge is to convince our customers that a superior quality of materials and workmanship is, over time, much more advantageous than the temptation of a low price for products of questionable quality.
That is exactly why it is a common practice for us to propose and offer samples of our products so that they can test them and be convinced of the advantages of our products.

3. How long does it take to manufacture textile products and what products can be made to order?
The duration of manufacturing the products differs, of course, depending on each project. The process is complex. If we talk about orders for curtains or draperies, the duration is longer because it requires measurements, consulting, material reception, manufacturing and assembly. In the case of linens, the working time is shorter, because we work with the dimensions received directly from customers and we have the materials in stock. We can manufacture to order bed linen, pillows, duvets, bath towels, curtains, draperies, tablecloths, napkins, etc., but also handcrafted products such as decorative pillows, lavender bags, table-mades.

4. Who is behind the business and where does the passion for manufacturing textiles come from?
Bia Art Textil means, in fact, the people behind the business – Bianca and Adrian Danes, but also the team in the workshop. Bianca came up with the idea of starting this business out of the desire to offer those interested in this type of textile products a clearly superior alternative to what can be found on the market today. Having both a vast experience in the textile industry and working for a long time in a company of a very famous clothing brand, they decided to share the accumulated knowledge and high quality standards in making special products for homes and the HoReCa field.

5. Where do you buy the raw material for manufacturing the products?
We have carefully chosen our collaborators and material suppliers. We import fabrics for the HoReCa field from Lithuania. We also wish to mention the collaborators from Ighis, TESATURI TRANSILVANENE from which we buy 100% cotton for towels, bathrobes, etc. and, of course, MENDOLA FABRICS from Cluj, our supplier of fabrics for curtains and draperies. For embroidery, we collaborate with a company from Cisnadie. It is important to find collaborators who understand the importance of each project.

6. What are the products wich are most sought after by customers?
Most orders are for linen, curtains and draperies for hotels, guesthouses, Airbnb, restaurants but also for residential complexes.
Regarding the arrangement of apartments and private houses, we want, through the advice and recommendations from us and our collaborators (designers, consultants), to contribute to the enlivening of the respective rooms and to their transformation into comfortable spaces, filled with life.

7. I know you make beautiful things out of linen. Are people looking for such products?
Yes, we also offer customers a category of products created from the heart for the soul, using only natural materials: linen, wool, lavender, hemp, jute, raw cotton, etc. These products were created for those who love this style but also for rustic, traditional guesthouses and restaurants. The range includes handmade bags filled with wool and lavender, napkins and tablecloths with lace inserts, linen dresses and overalls, traditional bags, and the list goes on. At first the demand for this kind of products was not very high, but over time the demand increased. We realize that more and more people prefer natural materials instead of synthetic ones and that makes us happy.

8. Do you have projects that you deal with front-to-end? I am referring here to those new apartments that, after being finished, need a package of services and products.
Our goal is to offer a complete package of products and services. If we refer to curtains and drapes, our package includes consulting, measurements, manufacturing and assembly (including rods) and if we refer to the linen part, in addition to the actual bed linen we have the possibility to supply pillows, duvets, waterproof protections for mattresses.

9. Tell us how interested customers can contact you.
You can find us in our workshop in Cisnadie, on Teilor Street no. 7, where those interested can see the materials, samples, we can discuss the details of projects and orders. To see our range of materials, products, our portfolio, etc. we invite you to visit our website You can also find us on our Facebook page Bia Art Textile Cisnadie, on Instagram and via phone: 0746 046 420.

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