Brick with integrated basalt wool. An advantageous construction material

Brick with integrated basalt wool. An advantageous construction material

If you want a new construction, whether it is an apartment or a house, the quality of construction materials and the constantly changing budget are paramount details.
Decisions made in the early stages of the process must be well thought out because any future change will be difficult and extremely costly to rectify. In other words, a well-made investment in your home reduces the cost of renovation and increases its efficiency over a longer period.
If you are buying a home under construction, through a real estate agency, also pay attention to this stage and ask for all the information you need.

Today's article brings to your attention information about integrated basalt wool brick, an innovation in real estate construction.

Basalt wool brick is a relatively new idea on the construction materials market, but it is beginning to be considered by many owners, builders or companies producing ceramic blocks. The high thermal comfort guaranteed by this type of brick, comes to complete the comfort sought in homes because it no longer requires additional thermal insulation system. Even if such an investment requires a larger, long-term budget, its use leads to a longer construction life.

There are a number of advantages that place it in the top of the most efficient materials with long-term results.

1. Protected thermal insulation
By inserting the basalt wool insulation in the ceramic coating of the brick, it is protected from the risks of mechanical degradation, or over time, thus ensuring a high resistance of thermal insulation and eliminating the need to renovate or replace the thermal insulation system.

2. Large load capacity
Brick with basalt wool is a load-bearing ceramic block. Because it has a high compressive strength, brick can be used in the construction of any type of exterior structural walls, both load-bearing and non-load-bearing.

3. Easy to install
The variety of works, the execution time and the allocated budget, make the construction of a house a challenge. This type of brick integrated the thermal insulation of basalt wool in the ceramic coating, contributing to the reduction of the time necessary for the construction by eliminating some work stages. Thus, the geometric configuration of the brick optimizes the mortar consumption to the maximum. For a quick and easy building, the usual mortar or thermal insulation is used, no special arrangement or tools being necessary.

4. High thermal comfort
Because you want a cool indoor environment in the hot season and a warm one in the cold season and at the same time you manage energy resources efficiently and carefully, basalt wool brick is a good choice from this point of view as well. Because it has a high thermal resistance, it offers thermal insulation up to 80% higher compared to known ceramic blocks. Also, thanks to its high capacity to accumulate heat from the environment with which it is in contact through the integrated thermal insulation, it works like a natural air conditioner.

5. Sound insulation
Home should be the place where you find the peace you need after a busy day, and if you realize this after the construction is completed, the cost to improve acoustic comfort will be much higher. The construction of the masonry with such a brick, which has superior sound insulation properties, ensures the acoustic comfort from the construction phase.

6. Fire resistance
It also provides high fire protection. Because it is non-combustible, the brick with integrated basalt wool provides high protection to the exterior walls in case of fire.

7. Vapor permeable
The vapor-permeable structure, which complements the benefits of thermal and sound insulation, ensures the transfer of steam through the walls and provides a natural and healthy climate in your home.

8. 100% natural product
There is more and more discussion about ecological housing, built with recyclable materials. Because the future is heading towards such a home, this ceramic block is made of 100% natural raw materials.

Instead of conclusions
The Cemacon brick factory, the largest in South-Eastern Europe, produces EVOCERAMIC VB integrated basalt wool brick, trying to bring value-added masonry solutions to this type of brick. Due to all its advantages, the cemacon brick reduces the dissatisfaction and ensures comfort and safety.

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