Carefree life in a home in Selimbar

Carefree life in a home in Selimbar
While until recently the locality of Șelimbăr was a locality that had only modest houses, today it is almost attached to Sibiu and is populated by residential neighborhoods and beautifully finished houses with large yards. The streets are beautifully asphalted and illuminated, and the projects built here have been practically designed, so there are streets only of houses or only of blocks of flats.

The Sibiu real estate market is complex, so there are offers for all budgets and all tastes. Sibiu residents have the opportunity to invest smartly in very good properties for sale, and those who move to Sibiu for the first time can choose the ideal home for themselves and their family from a multitude of offers. And in recent years, Șelimbăr is one of the locations of great interest for our clients.

Why live in Șelimbăr?

The advantages for which our real estate consultants recommend Șelimbăr are multiple. The locality is a very quiet one, well-known for the safety enjoyed by the residents. In addition, it is easily accessible both from DN1 and from Sibiu, and those who live here do not spend valuable time in traffic on the way home.

On the Sibiu real estate market, the houses that have schools, kindergartens and banking units in the immediate vicinity are also in great demand, which is happening successfully in Șelimbăr. Families who live here and have children do not have to worry: children can be taken to school or kindergarten without having to waste precious time in traffic. Another plus to consider is the quality. The constructions in Șelimbăr have a high quality: the feedback from the buyers here is very good. Although they bought years ago, people say that the blocks are well insulated both in respect to sound and heat, and the finishes have not been damaged at all.

Last but not least, it must be mentioned that people who choose an apartment for sale in Sibiu - Șelimbăr, have easy access to the largest shopping center in the city, Promenada Mall.

What can one buy in Șelimbăr?

The houses in the Luxor residential complex are the most suitable option for customers looking for quality at a fair price. The residential complex will have 10 beautifully compartmented duplexes, each of the housing units has a yard and a parking space, and the exterior finishes of the houses are of superior quality. Thus, the real estate offer developed in the Triajului area of Șelimbăr is one of the top offers of houses for sale in Sibiu.

With delivery in the spring of 2018, these houses for sale in Sibiu in the Triplex villa complex on Unirii Street in Șelimbăr are chic and practical. The houses have been designed so that consumption and expenses are low, the rooms are modernly compartmentalized, therefore the tenants will surely enjoy a lot of privacy and comfort.

For clients who want to live in an area closer to Sibiu, we recommend the Trident row house complex located on Pictor Brana Street. It is no secret that in the last two years this street in Șelimbăr has been populated by beautiful buildings, so it is a place of interest. The houses are registered in the Land Registry and have two spacious balconies with cast iron railings, ideal for family free time.

Construction is also advancing rapidly in the Nova complex. The houses are spacious and are positioned in the area of Triajului Street in Șelimbăr. They are ideal for our customers who are looking for a spacious home in an area with easy access. All the houses have an attic that will be handed over at the moment of registration, and at this moment the New Concept Living agency has a special offer: for the first purchase of a house for sale in Sibiu in the Nova complex, a discount of 10,000 euros will be awarded for cash payment.

Customers with a smaller budget also have the opportunity to live in Șelimbăr, in a quiet residential area. Buyers can purchase an apartment for sale in Sibiu, located in a residential area of Șelimbăr, which has enjoyed great success on the Sibiu real estate market. The blocks that today make up the Harmony residential complex are built with considerable space between them and there are enough parking spaces for all residents.

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