Home Candles - those flavors that change the atmosphere in your home

Home Candles - those flavors that change the atmosphere in your home

Home Candles was born from the passion for fragrant candles, created from natural soy wax. Soy wax candles are produced locally by Diana Barb, a young woman from Sibiu who saw a lot of potential in this business. Below we invite you to read some answers about what such a business entails today.

1. Hi Diana, tell us about Home Candles. Where does the passion and inspiration for candles come from?
Since I was a child, I liked that the place I was in was clean and smelly. I have always been interested in natural products. So I replaced the synthetic sprayers with scented candles, and then I wondered why I shouldn't make them myself. Friends were delighted with the way it smelled in the house when they came to visit and asked me to make candles for them too. Constantly receiving encouragement and positive feedback, I decided to open a business based on the idea of ​​doing what I love. That's how Home Candles was born.

2. We live in chaotic times. Weren't you afraid to take this step of opening a small business right now?
That's right, we live in chaotic times. I was not afraid at all, because I have wanted to do this for several years and all things have been aligned right now, in times of pandemic. There will always be challenges, there will always be reasons not to do something. I chose to focus on the other side: to put a lot of passion and energy into growing a beautiful business, even in these times.

3. Who is behind Home Candles?
I collaborate with a team of wonderful friends who deal with graphics and marketing. Otherwise, I am in charge of producing the candles, their packaging and delivery, and when I have time I also respond to messages from customers.

4. What are the "star products" of this brand?
The sense of smell is directly connected to memory and to all our emotions. But the sense of smell differs from person to person, from fruity and sweet to floral and musky. We created flavors for all tastes. I can say that the latest bestseller in the Christmas collection is Winter Woods. As for the general collections, those scents that fit in all seasons, the star is definitely Flower Breeze.
5. In your opinion, why are Home Candles the perfect gift, especially during the winter holidays?
This is often a difficult task because it takes thought, time and effort to come up with a perfect gift for a friend or family member. In my opinion, scented candles are a gift that suits everyone, especially during the winter holidays. Thus, we created the Christmas collection with seasonal scents. I can't wait to launch the next collections, which will be suitable for other anniversaries.

6. What are the ingredients of candles and what makes them different from the rest of the products on the market?
Home Candles are hand-cast using ingredients such as natural soy wax, high quality scented oils and cotton wicks. Candle holders are colorful and can even be used as decorative objects. The wooden lid is the accessory that helps to extinguish the candle by the lack of oxygen so as to avoid the creation of smoke when extinguishing it.

7. Is it more difficult to procure candle ingredients?
Given that scented candles are not so popular in our country, I have to buy ingredients from abroad. This process is quite difficult because not all suppliers deliver in our country, sometimes I am required to buy a minimum number of pieces, other times the delivery takes a long time.

8. What are the challenges of such a business, but also the joys it brings?
The biggest challenge is the fact that having such a business you have to work with external suppliers, the delivery time of the ingredients being quite long and expensive. From my point of view it is an interesting and beautiful business because it develops your creativity and you are free to combine various flavors and create unique products. I think that's what I like most: the fact that Home Candles sells unique products.

9. Are Home Candles only for Sibiu residents or do you send them anywhere in the country?
The candles can be delivered both in Sibiu - I can teach them personally - and in other cities in Romania. For now, I have remained in the borders of the country, but in the future I definitely want to deliver them abroad.

10. Where can I find your interested customers and where can I see details about your products?
For now, we are only online, but I do not rule out the possibility of a small, smelly boutique soon. Interested people can find us on the website www.home-candles.com or on our facebook or Instagram page: Home Candles.

11. In the future, are you thinking of collaborating with certain store chains?
Yes, I plan this, I am really in discussions with some potential collaborators, because I want my candles to reach as many people as possible and to be as easy to procure as possible. I would be glad to know that every home is warmed by the atmosphere of the Home Candles candle.

12. Thank you, Diana! We wish you much success and as many candles as possible. Finally, please send a good thought to the people of Sibiu who read our column.
And thank you very much. I wish you, but also the people of Sibiu, a Merry Christmas and all the best. We all hope that the new year will come with many joys, with health and more freedom.

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