Joyard - Pension & Parc - Out of love for people and authentic

Joyard - Pension & Parc - Out of love for people and authentic

Joyard - Pension & Park is a family story, a local business born out of love for nature, for simple human things and authentic. Adina and Claudiu Hila laid the foundations of a place taken as if taken from stories, in which harmony reigns in all corners. Below we invite you to find out more about their story.

1. Hello, Mrs. Hila. We are glad that you have accepted the invitation to be part of our People of Sibius project and that you want to present us more about Joyard - Pension & Park. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

It all started with a thought, which appeared in the evening, in a relaxed discussion about life, which I had with my husband, Claudiu. Observing how the blocks rise around us like mushrooms after the rain, we felt like a small house with a big garden, somewhere, in an oasis of peace, in which life flows freely, in which time has patience with people ...

The place that today hosts Joyard Pensiunea & Parc did not look attractive from the pictures, but I insisted on seeing it. 3 days after our discussion, after visiting two other properties in the neighboring villages, we are in Porumbacu de Sus, at no. 19. Here, a 7-year-old uninhabited property awaits us, invaded by vegetation, with two bodies of buildings arranged on either side of the courtyard, and at the end joined together by an old wooden gate, tied with wire.

From the first step in the yard, we were intrigued by the life that vibrated beyond the wooden gate. I followed the real estate agent to the front of the gate and, very attentive and impatient, I waited for the gates to open. A garden as you can see with your eyes, invaded by wild greenery, untrodden by man for a long time, old fruit trees, towering nuts, air with the smell of greenery, love at first sight. The moment of opening the gates to the garden was the decisive one, then we fell in love with this place, and what followed after that moment is just the manifestation of love.

We decided that, from then on, we would be the ones to take care of the place. The legal procedures followed, and then we started to clean the place, and we will be delighted to discover every corner. I wanted to make a place of escape from the routine, a place to facilitate the reconnection to the authenticity of life, a place that invites you to leave the worries of oblivion and to bathe in relaxation. As we progressed in the cleaning process and the generosity of the place was discovered, the desire to share this experience with others increased in us, and so we started to think of the project as a small boarding house.

We chose to keep the authenticity of the place, the original structure of the rooms, we chose to combine elements of furniture and decor with life experience, carefully reconditioned, with modern facilities. The mission we chose was not an easy one, but we passionately pursued our goal: to create a land of joy in Porumbacu de Sus at no.

The feeling of fulfillment that floods our hearts when we walk through the gate of Joyard Pensiunea & Parc along with the enchanting reactions of our guests are confirmations that we intuited and did well.

2. Why did you choose the Porumbacu area?

As I told you above, we were not the ones who chose Porumbacu, Porumbacu chose us.

3. Where do you think those who want to enter this field and open a boarding house should start?

I think that, regardless of the project, the best place to start is from the heart. A good question might be: do I feel in my heart a call to this project? If it feels like a vibration that warms and pleasantly activates the whole being, chances are high that it will come out in a big way.

4. How much did your experience as a tourist matter in the development of the business you run?

As tourists, I had the opportunity to visit many charming places in the country and abroad and I appreciated most the locations that felt like they were made with heart. You can feel the places that are made of passion. The atmosphere is different, the energy is different, the people who come to meet the guests are different, somehow the feeling of well-being rises from everywhere in a place made of passion.

So, what we felt as tourists mattered and inspired us in our project.

5. What relaxation activities can the clients find in the pension?

The place as a whole is designed to invite you to relax. The atmosphere of the story, carefully created in detail, is what governs the whole project. The color (turquoise) and the motifs (popular) present on the entrance fence, the door lock over 100 years old with the rounded handle that fits perfectly in the palm are the first elements with which our guests come into contact.

After opening the door, they are invited to walk on a natural stone alley that undulates in a green carpet on the way to four chic rooms, with modern facilities and surprising furniture and decor, a kitchen equipped with premium appliances and all the necessary households like home, a day and night space of 60 sqm with 2 glass walls. Beyond the glass wall opens Joyard Park, a garden as far as the eye can see that houses a clay oven, a tub with filtered water, jacuzzi system and lights, sunbeds, tables, fruit trees and flowers, a solid playground, a pond with fish and water lilies, a mini-amphitheater where you sit around the fire at night, a green platter suitable for outdoor games, a fairytale house through the roof of which makes its way to the sky a 90-year-old apple . All this, along with other surprising details, welcomes Joyard Pensiunea & Parc with joy and warmth.

Last but not least, the fact that the natural area we are in is so tender is a plus of our location. For those who hear the peace and feel the peace of nature, here are a few steps from the heart and the tops of the mountains: the route to Cabana Negoiu is accessible for beginners, and for advanced peak Negoiu, the 2nd highest in the country, is met. Less than an hour's drive away, Balea Cascada and Balea Lac are other natural wonders ready to provide invigorating energy. For children and adults, right on the edge of the village, the Clay Castle and the Story of the Calendar are two interesting attractions.

The conclusion is: Regardless of age and preferences in this area you have something to do!

6. We know that you are facing a delicate health situation. What determined you to choose the path of a personal project when resuming your professional activity?

Somehow this situation helped me to realize how enchanting it is that we have the opportunity to fulfill our dreams, to discover ourselves and to reveal ourselves as we are, that what represents us is not to be postponed, that for what represents us there is no other better time to manifest than NOW.
I felt the desire for a personal project in which to invest energy and creativity and I had the chance for my husband to be in my assent. The initiative, the concept and the color came largely from my direction. The implementation, the strength, the support of the project and some very valuable ideas are the merit of my husband, Claudiu, without whom the voice of my heart would have remained, most likely heard only by me.

7. If you were to describe the Joyard boarding house in one sentence, what would it be?

A journalist dear to us summed up inspired: "Joyard Pension & Park - a beautiful dream with a turquoise fence"!

8. What is the feedback of people who have crossed the threshold of your pension?

Grateful, we confess that we have often felt overwhelmed by the generosity of compliments received from our guests. Through chosen words, many of our guests had the openness to express the joy that the stay at Joyard Pensiunea & Parc gave them.

The words that impressed us the most were those from the children: "It's too beautiful here!" these were the words of Tudor (8 years old) after 2 days spent at Joyard. And Mara (10 years old), while waiting in the car to drive home, made her voice heard in the following cry: "It's wonderful! I would move to live here! ” The enthusiasm in their voices and their looks, along with many other beautiful words from our guests, keep alive in us the interest to take care of the place carefully.

9. Tell us a little about Joyard - Boutique of Joy. Why did you choose to bring such products to market and how interested are people in this type of decoration?

Joyard - Boutique of Joy is another branch of our company - that of premium decorations. We bring to Romania for our clients objects of decoration and furniture of very good quality, from the category of those that are not very common in the market: bronze statues for interior and exterior, hand-painted canvas paintings, metal paintings with 3D elements for spaces with industrial appearance, indoor and garden pots made of fiberglass and clay, solid wood furniture and other decorative objects.

From my experience, I have often found that, in the case of quality products, the photos fail to reproduce the full beauty of the objects, even with the mastery of an experienced photographer.

10. Thank you very much! Finally, tell us where your customers can find you and how they can connect with your team.

Joyard - Pension & Park - Tel. 0791 00 00 55, Facebook - Joyard Pension & Park and of course in Porumbacu de Sus no. 19

Joyard - Boutique of Joy,, Facebook - Joyard Boutique of Joy, Tel. 0722 22 20 61, str Stefan cel Mare 193, corp A, et. 1, Sibiu