Lacul lui Binder/Binder Lake – The newest attraction in Sibiu

Lacul lui Binder/Binder Lake – The newest attraction in Sibiu

The fact that Sibiu is one of the most visited cities in Transylvania is no secret to anyone. Piața Mare/The Large Square, Piața Mică/the Small Square, Turnul Sfatului/the Council Tower, Podul Minciunilor/the Bridge of Lies, Biserica Ursulinelor/the Ursulines Church, Muzeul Satului/the Village Museum and many others attract thousands of tourists to our city every year. Of course, let's not forget the most current tourist attraction, the Sibiu Christmas Market, which is the most beautiful in the country and which competes every year with Christmas markets of big cities in Europe.
Starting this year, Sibiu will have a new unique tourist attraction: the Binder Lake leisure area.

Where is Binder Lake?
„Lacul lui Binder appeared on the site of the pit where the clay needed for a former brick and tile factory was mined. The springs in the area filled the pit, which remained undeveloped for many years. The first such small-scale interventions were carried out around 2002. Then, in October 2015, City Hall set up a picnic area here, with barbecues and covered tables.” (source: Turnul Sfatului)

Binder Lake is the only lake in Sibiu and can be found in the Țiglari neighborhood. The area has great potential from all points of view and it is a joy that the local authorities have taken steps in this direction.
In 2017, before the announcement of this project, the New Concept Living company built two apartment villas for sale in the newest residential complex on the lake. (See details here)

Today, several real estate developers have bought land here and are going to build houses, so the area will really change.
In addition, starting with the spring of this year, Binder Lake will become a new center of Sibiu, with many attractions for both adults and children, with running and cycling trails, promenade area, artificial beach and water skiing.

Unique leisure area in Transylvania
The first artificial beach and the first water skiing system in Transylvania will be arranged in Sibiu. Works on this project began in 2018, when the area was completely sanitized, the lake was cleaned and the vegetation was removed. At that time, Sibiu City Hall announced an execution project worth over 9 million lei and the works advanced slowly but surely.

A promenade will surround the lake, benches have already been installed, there will be a picnic area and many green areas. The developers have a landscaping project in mind.

The recreational area will have double access, both from Tractorului Street and from Țiglarilor Street. Both access roads have been completely modernized and asphalted. The administrative pavilion of the complex and the center where those interested will be able to rent sports equipment will be arranged in the Tractorului area. For the whole complex, there will be over 110 parking spaces in four distinct points of the lake, illuminated with photovoltaic panels.

Great investment potential
Those who bought an apartment in the Lake Residence complex have made an excellent investment, as the properties for hotel-style rent will be in high demand in the area. In addition, Binder Lake has easy access to the Industrial Area West and to the motorway and the ring road (via Calea Șurii Mici). Residents can reach city center in just 10 minutes by car, but there are also bus lines that reach this area.

By Magdalena Gliga
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Photo credits:, New Concept Living