Lor.And - Urban provider of take-away culinary experiences

Lor.And - Urban provider of take-away culinary experiences

Lor.And is a Concept Take-Away restaurant that takes local cuisine to another level. Through the authentic preparations, Chef Lorant Erdei brings a new and diversified menu to the people of Sibiu every day. Next, we invite you to discover the story of the business from the discussion we had with Chef Lorant.

1. How did you get started.And where did this very successful idea come from?
At a glass of wine between 2 professionals: a chef and a gourmet interior designer (Erdei Lorant and Alexandru Mărginean).

2. Where's your passion for cooking?

I chose to make a radical change at the end of high school, namely to enroll in the college of cooks in Budapest, although I was studying at a high school with a human profile. Cooking was not one of my soul passions, such as fishing, but it became my first week at that college.

3. We know that you have worked in a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in France before, which made you return to the country and especially, why did you choose Sibiu as a location for your restaurant?
Simple! In Sibiu there is love.

4. What are the biggest challenges in this field?
- Lack of qualified personnel makes it difficult to establish and develop a new location. I consider myself lucky because I managed to form a stable team.
- The instability of the economy.

5. What do you love most about your job?
To cook!

6. What is the feedback of people who have been to Lor.And?
We have loyal customers! When I say faithful, I mean the people who came to us from the first week and stayed with us today.

7. Their menu is so diverse and always brings something new, where does the inspiration of the dishes come from?
Knowledge and respect of ingredients.

8. How do you promote yourself?
The promotion is done through social media channels and in publications where, as now, articles, reviews or interviews appear. Online is still the main exposure option and the concept of take away is largely based on the information procedure on Facebook and Instagram.

9. What have been the most successful preparations so far?
We have a star in each "sector": cream soup with baked peppers, salad with caramelized goat cheese, sirloin fillet and duck confit, among vegetarians prepared with asparagus, and in the desert cooked paprika.

10. How did your participation in the Chefi la Cutite contest in knives influence you?

It was a good contribution to the image.

11. What is Lor.And what about the rest of the restaurants in Sibiu?
Diversification of the menu and the team.

12. Tell us what your future plans are?
We wish in the future to expand, to open a second space.

13. Thank you very much! Finally, tell us where your customers can find you and how they can get in touch with you?

You can easily find us on Instagram @lor.andtakeaway and on Facebook Lor.And but also on the website www.cheflorand.com. In all these accounts you will find from Monday to Friday published the menu of the day along with the procedure of telephone order, pick up or delivery.