The right house offers you the much desired home

The right house offers you the much desired home

The high demand for houses in recent months is already known, especially for houses located in a good area and which have a lot of green space. Besides the two main aspects, other facilities that are added make some houses the perfect home for any family.

Today we present you a new offer from our portfolio, a house in Sibiu, whose facilities will ensure all the comfort you are looking for.

1.Located in Sibiu. For most buyers, the location of a property is a decisive factor. They want a house in the city, but still close to nature. The house for sale in our portfolio is located in Sibiu, in the Turnisor area, an area with easy access to the city's points of interest.

2. Individual house. It is an individual property, which has a large plot of land with an area of ​​557 sqm. The large surface of the land is a plus for those who want to implement certain landscaping ideas or want to have their own orchard. You will also enjoy all the privacy you are looking for.

3. Fully landscaped street. Today, more space is available to bring joy to the lives of many people. The house is located on the most beautiful and wide street in the city, Stavilarului street. This artery and Zavoi street were extended and modernized by the Sibiu City Hall in 2018-2020. The street is completely arranged, it has a sidewalk, a track for cyclists, parking lots and 2 lanes.

4.House area. Besides the fact that it is located in the city, the house is positioned in a beautiful area, populated only by houses. The two streets arranged and modernized, now represent the most beloved and airy living areas at home.

5.Attic. Besides the useful partitioning, being formed by the ground floor and first floor, the house also has an attic over the 1st floor. The walls on the 1st floor are not chamfered, and the attic represents a multifunctional space. It can be turned into a storage bag or an open space zina for relaxation. You can arrange a dressing room here or you can transform it into a space dedicated to sports.

6. Two parking spaces. The property also benefits from two parking spaces in the street, which are registered in the land register of the house. Thus, car access will not be a problem, and this concern can be forgotten.

7.Carport. The tenants will also benefit from car access in the yard, where a carport is arranged.

8. Large surface. Because, as mentioned above, the space and implicitly the surface matter, this house for sale in Turnisor also meets from this point of view the requirements of potential buyers. The house has a usable area of ​​197 square meters, and a built-up area of ​​124 square meters. It also has a covered and uncovered terrace on the ground floor and a balcony and a terrace upstairs. The terraces are large and thus ideal for relaxing moments.

9. Separate kitchen. In addition to all the facilities it benefits from, the house also has a separate and very large kitchen, with storage space in the pantry.

10. Arrangement according to your own tastes. The house is in the red stage inside. The utilities are pulled up to the house, but the developer did not want to make the installations at home because this would have restricted the options of the future buyer. Also, on the outside, 2 sides of the house were insulated with basalt wool, the net was pulled and 2 coats of adhesive, and the PVC windows were mounted, anthracite gray, 5 rooms and 3 sheets of glass. The exterior was not entirely executed to allow the buyer the luxury of deciding how to look like the architecture of his house, but also the interior of it.

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