Virtual tours in real estate. See the answer to 5 of the most frequent questions

Virtual tours in real estate. See the answer to 5 of the most frequent questions

Today, technology helps us to be anywhere, to go to any place, to visit a country from a distance... We can access Google maps and take a walk through the parks of the United States right from the couch of our home. We can be in Greece at sea even while we are at the office.

And now we can view dozens of homes listed for sale in a single day, easily and simply.
How is this possible? Virtual real estate tours.

Today I wrote an article about one of the newest technologies in real estate: virtual tours. See now what they are, what they help you with and what makes them so effective.

1. What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours are a series of thousands of photos processed by specialized software, which give users the unique feeling that they are actually present in that property for sale and have the freedom to explore it as much as they want. What can be more beautiful than that?

Virtual tours are practically a complete experience. Customers buying or looking for a rental now have the ability to view a property from multiple angles without having to physically travel to the location.

2. How does the virtual tour help potential buyers?

Most importantly, virtual tours help shoppers save time. How is this possible? It's very simple: while you're in your own home, on vacation with your family or at the top of the mountain, you can view dozens of properties with just a few clicks. Traffic is no longer a problem, and rush hour is no longer a challenge.
Also, buyers will save financial resources. There is no longer any need to pay for fuel, taxi, bus, to physically move to the location.
Last but not least, they can get a clear idea about the location of the apartment in a block, but also about its compartmentalization. While you are at a physical viewing this can be difficult, especially if you do not have a good orientation in space.

3. How does the virtual tour of your property help you?

First of all, you also save time and there are better chances to sell/rent the property faster. Your building can be viewed by 10 people at the same time, with just one click.

Secondly, you no longer need to prepare your property for viewing every time, collect the children's toys or make sure that all the beds are made. Why? Is simple.

Customers interested in the advertised property see the virtual tour and manage to get a very clear idea about the targeted property. They will be determined to schedule a real meeting only if they are very determined to move forward. Carrying out a virtual tour determines a smaller number of real estate "tourists".

4. How long does it take to take a virtual tour?

The time allocated to a virtual tour is definitely well invested, as it determines a saving of time in the future. We don't necessarily have to ask ourselves how long it lasts, but rather what are its benefits. On average, the specialized person from our team performs a virtual tour for a 3-room apartment in 40 minutes.
If we are talking about a house arranged on two levels, with a usable area of ​​approximately 120 square meters, the time can be doubled. After the technical work is done, our team processes the materials and ensures that they reach the customers in the best form.
The house must be prepared, it is important to be tidy and all unnecessary objects to be stored in the cupboards.

5. How much does it cost to take a virtual tour of your property?

The tours made by our company for the offers taken over in our real estate portfolio are completely free. These represent a benefit that we offer to our clients. We want to offer a complete real estate service and help them close the real estate transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible.
So, if you have a property for sale or rent in Sibiu, call us with confidence. We can't wait to help you.

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