What documents do you need to sell a property?

What documents do you need to sell a property?

This is probably one of the most common questions we receive from our clients who need to help them sell an apartment or a house. The process is not complicated, if you put all the necessary documents in the file.

Notary fees are paid by the buyer and is calculated based on the value of the property, and the documents needed to successfully complete a real estate transaction from the position of seller.

1. The deed of ownership over the real estate

The document certifying the right of ownership and the way in which the real estate was obtained is the deed of ownership. Regardless of how it is acquired, by sale-purchase contract, inheritance or donation contract, court decision, etc., without it the transaction cannot be made.

2. Land book extract

The land book extract is the one that contains the information about the building, its surface, the deed of ownership, the notations related to the property, etc. All the information mentioned in this CF extract must be attested by documents.

3. Proof of payment of tax

In order to sell real estate, the seller must present proof of payment of the annual tax. The certificate is issued by the city hall institution where the building is registered.

4. Certificate from the tenants' association

It is necessary for the seller to present a certificate attesting that there are no debts of any kind to the tenants' association, especially if he lives in a block of flats. Also, bills for electricity, gas, water, property management services, etc. must be paid. These are proof that there are no debts of any kind.

5. Energy performance certificate

This certificate is issued only by a certified energy auditor. The list of authorized energy auditors can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds.

6. Identity card. When the situation requires it, the marriage certificate, the divorce certificate

At the notary, on the day of signing the sale-purchase transaction of the real estate, it is mandatory to present a valid identity card. Also, if it is a common good, if the good was purchased after marriage, it is necessary to present the related documents, as appropriate.

Do you think it's too complicated?
Of course, these are the primary documents needed for any transaction. But there may be special situations, extraordinary cases, and then other documents will be needed.
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