Which apartment can you buy when you have a budget between 65,000 euros - 70,000 euros?

Which apartment can you buy when you have a budget between 65,000 euros - 70,000 euros?

The real estate market in Sibiu is constantly changing, prices have increased, and customer demand is different than before. Since I have been active on the real estate market in Sibiu, I have learned that for every good there is a demand and for all demands there is an offer. The focus must be on identifying the client's need and, subsequently, on finding the ideal option for him.

In this material, we present you 3 apartments with 2 rooms that can be a good option for you too, if you have a maximum budget of 70,000 euros.

1. 2-room apartment - Vila Monalisa - The property is completely detached and is located on the 1st floor of a charming 2-story villa. It is handed over to the advanced white stage, has underfloor heating, electric blinds, secured glass balustrade on the balconies. However, the main asset is the location, being located in the newest community in Sibiu, DaVinci Homes, a complex developed by the New Concept Living company, in the western area of ​​Sibiu, right at the entrance to the Cristian township.

See more information about this typology here: www.newconceptliving.com/apartment-2-rooms-for-sale-davinci-homes-sibiu-3621.html

2. 2-room apartment in Hipodrom - The building is on the top floor of a 4-story building, it is completely detached and is delivered turnkey, furnished. It is the ideal option for clients looking for an apartment in the city, with easy access to the main points of interest, close to schools, kindergartens, bus stops and pharmacies.

See more images and information here: www.newconceptliving.com/apartment-2-rooms-for-sale-siretului-sibiu-13855.html

3. 2-room apartment in Terezian - The property is located on the ground floor of a 4-story building and has a usable area of ​​48 square meters. This apartment is composed of a hall, a separate kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with a ventilation window. It is located in an easily accessible area, close to the Sibiu belt and the highway. In the immediate vicinity of the block where this apartment is located, there are schools, kindergartens, playgrounds for children.

See more images and information here:www.newconceptliving.com/apartment-2-rooms-for-sale-terezian-sibiu-14171.html

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