Why do we like to work in real estate?

Why do we like to work in real estate?
"Real estate is my life" is the expression we often hear in offices, during discussions between colleagues. The truth is that in our daily activities we are guided by a quote that you have certainly seen on the Instagram feed or in the preface of the motivational books that are in vogue among readers: "If you do what you like, don't you will never work in your life. " I admit, it is very important to do what you like, but the truth is that it takes a lot of work to perform and reach high peaks in real estate. But this article is not about motivational quotes but about those things that we like in our daily work.
I'm Magdalena Gliga and today I had a coffee break with 4 of my colleagues in the sales department. I asked them what they like most about their job, and their answers are the content of this blog post. If you are thinking of starting a real estate career, I hope these answers will help you.

They are all old and we are all

At one point it seems like things are getting into the realm of real estate, but it's just an impression. Every day comes with new challenges and it is mandatory to always be connected to market news, promotion methods, customer feedback, and this list can go on and on.
"I work in real estate and I like the fact that every day when I get to the office I know that new challenges await me and the NCL team. And that keeps the routine away and gives us a chance to grow and grow continuously. It may seem like a cliché, but the truth is that this job is only learned in the field, interacting with all kinds of cases, learning new things. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people, "said Silviu Marin, one of the oldest members of our team.

Flexible schedule and the opportunity to meet new people

Luana Ioanesi, one of our top agents, told us that she really likes the fact that she meets new people every day. And with most of the clients to whom he finds a home, he befriends and forges beautiful relationships. In addition, another advantage for Luana is the fact that she manages to organize her time at will. "I am very passionate about my job and I am happy to interact with many people, from whom I always have something to learn. In addition, I enjoy the luxury of having a flexible schedule and finding a nice balance between doing the job I love and spending quality time with my family. ”

How many people, so many needs

We are different and that is wonderful. But all this comes with different needs: what is right for me may be wrong for you, and what you classify as a good apartment may be inconceivable to me. And to be able to identify the exact needs of a client and provide a real estate service suitable for his needs is perfect. This is what Mihai Banciu told us: “Beyond the material satisfactions, as real estate brokers we have a boundless satisfaction when we know a client, we find out what“ hurts ”him really and we manage to come up with the best solution for him . We identify the need and see the joy on the client's face when he goes to the notary. Or enjoy a suitable rent in the first months of interaction with Sibiu. Or he finds the perfect land to build a house for his family. ”

I like people and I like to help them

We are here to help is the slogan of our company. "Ever since I worked in real estate, I have realized that I love to interact with people and I like to do my best to help them. Our clients are not looking for houses or apartments, they are looking for safety and comfort. And I can't wait for a new day to start, to find the ideal solutions for the needs of each client. That takes time and responsibility, but I take it. After all, the end result is all that matters. " That was the answer of Irina Pavelescu, our sales colleague who has been part of our team for more than two years and who is constantly growing her portfolio of satisfied customers.

Instead of conclusion

We are a great team and I did not manage to question all my colleagues, but I am sure that most of the answers are close to those mentioned above. As for me, I like to believe that our daily activity adds value to people's lives. And what I appreciate most about my job is that together with the great team I belong to, we manage to make people's lives easier and more comfortable.

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A material by Magdalena Gliga