Why isn't my house being sold?

Why isn't my house being sold?

When you put a house up for sale, you want to sell it as soon as possible and thus implement the other plans you have. On average, in Romania, it takes 2-3 months to sell a home.
Countless factors determine the reason why some homes are sold in a very short time, and others stay on the real estate market for a long time.
Many homeowners choose to sell a property on their own and do not want to turn to a real estate agency for various reasons. You need to consider whether this decision is necessarily a good one for you.
A real estate agent comes with a lot of experience and especially knowledge about the real estate market. As in any other field, here too, the hand of a specialist will make a difference. Besides this reason, there are others that stand in the way of selling a house faster.

1. The price is too high

Price is the primary aspect in selling or, in this case, in not selling a property.
Objectivity is very difficult to find its place in setting the price for the property you have for sale. Here, the considerations can be many and varied. You can put a higher price because your neighbor or friend did this with a similar apartment or maybe the fact that you lived there the most beautiful emotions and moments with your family does not let you have a more technical approach. Try to see from the buyer's perspective. He will not see in your property all your feelings, but only a space, located on a certain street and which has different facilities and advantages.
If your home is overvalued, it will stagnate for a long time on real estate sites.

2. Poor quality photos

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This proverb can only be present when you want to sell a property.
If the photos taken of your property are of poor quality, buyers will certainly notice this aspect and can go to other properties, although yours has several advantages.
Your property should make a good first impression.
A real estate agent will do very well when it comes to photos of the property. Through his experience, he knows all the little tricks that must be used here.

3. Your listing needs a change

Photos of your home are at the top of the list in terms of online ads, but this is not the only important feature. Listing as a whole, and here we are talking about the description of the ad, plays an essential role in selling a property.
The listing should highlight the key features of your home. In other words, don't forget to add all the important details and all the advantages that make it different from the other ads.

4. Many views - No sales

You have scheduled many views, which means that many people are interested in buying your home. But you noticed that the viewings do not go very well, and the clients leave dissatisfied or puzzled about many aspects of interest to them.
One reason could be the fact that you tend to defend your home a lot, without having a correct approach and related to reality or customers feel embarrassed to ask less pleasant questions about certain defects encountered and leave unclear.
A real estate agent is also skilled in this viewing process. He knows how to highlight the best features, while putting a positive effect on some not-so-perfect aspects.

5. Good decision, wrong time.

Time is everything when you try to sell a house. If your home is not for sale, you may be listing it at the wrong time. Why is this happening? There are several factors here that may differ from period to period. The real estate agent, because he is active on the real estate market at any time, will know how to guide you on the most suitable path for you and your home.

6. Agent commission - saving time and money

As we saw above, the high price, poor quality photos, lack of information in the ad, etc., are some factors that can affect the process of selling your home.
A qualified real estate agent helps you sell your house once and for all!
The commission offered to the real estate agent covers a wide range of services, from professional photos and listings, to viewings or other needs.
When time means money, hiring a trained real estate agent to help you sell your home faster can't be a mistake. After you do it, you will be able to take your luggage and move to your new home.

We hope you found these sales tips useful. Good luck!

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