EBS REI Sibiu - A modern real estate project


The EBS REI Residential District (EBS Real Estate Investment) is being built in Selimbar on Pictor N. Brana Street, only couple of minutes far away from Sibiu.

Selimbar is a small region near Sibiu. Nowadays, Selimbar is considered a residential area of Sibiu.

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The project comprises 4 villas of 21 beautifully divided apartments.

In addition to this project, another four identical villas, developed by the Imperial Group SIBIU, are located in the mirror of this one. 

The tending date of EBS REI residential complex is on autumn of 2019. The apartments will be delivered in grey, with no finish touches.

Apartment typologies available

-Optimus Mini Studio- 31.9 sqm with balcony - 

-Optimus Maxi Studio - 36.6 sqm  - separate kitchen 

-The Lucky One - 38.2 sqm- available only on the ground floor

Family I - 2 rooms apartment - 49.5 sqm balcony - fully detached

Family II - 2 rooms apartment51.1 sqm balcony - separate kitchen

The future of your family is closely related to family budget and your comfort. The investment in the EBS residential complex takes care of both aspects: the EBS residential project is built by a renowned developer in Cluj, and the buildings available for sale have good prices and diversified compartments, so there are typologies for all tastes.

Advantages EBS Residential Complex: - practical apartment partitioning

generous green spaces

- 2 floors apartment villas

- all apartments have balconies (except those on the ground floor)

- all apartments have separate kitchen

- premium zone, access via 3 different parts

- paved and fully lit street - close to the largest shopping center in the city

- Promenade Mall - easy access to the Sibiu ring road and to the highway

Who is EBS REI - the real estate developer who builds the EBS residential complex?

Built on the same principles Daniel Metz has transformed into business excellence over time, EBS Real Estate Investment SA aims to raise the local property market to a new level. We aim to educate the real estate market, to show that excellence is a choice. At this time, EBS REI builds in Cluj and Sibiu.

LOCATION: Strada Pictor N. Brana Strada Pictor Brana is now the most appreciated living area among the Sibiu.

Artera Pictor N.Brana is the first street on the left side of the entrance to Selimbar (from Sibiu, from the Promenade Mall).

The street is very wide, stretched all over it with many green areas and is 100% asphalted.


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*** La tranzactii mai mari de 300,000 euro se percepe comision de 1% la cumparator

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  • New Concept Living -  Calea Dumbravii nr. 61– Parter (vis a vis de Puro) - VANZARI
  • New Concept Living - Calea Dumbravii, nr 54A - ADMINISTRATIV
  • New Concept Living – cartier Bavaria (la intrare in cartier)

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager

Offers in general

Apartment for sale in Sibiu - 2 separate rooms - Family I
Apartament for sale in Sibu - 2 rooms - Family 1 We offer an apartament for For sale with 1 rooms, completely detached, situated in Selimbar area, Strada Pictor Brana landmark. The apartment is part of EBS REI residential complex. NO EXTRA COMIS...
0 % Buying Comission
Area 49.5 sqm Balcony - Rooms 2 Bath 1


  • Sibiu
Apartment 2 rooms for sale in Sibiu - Family II - Ideal for families
Apartment for sale in Sibiu - 2 rooms - Family II - Ideal for families We offer an apartament for sale in Sibiu with 2 rooms, situated in EBS REI Residential Complex inSelimbar area, Strada Pictor N Brana landmark. The apartment is part of EBS R...
0 % Buying Comission
Area 51.1 sqm Balcony - Rooms 2 Bath 1