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Green Diamond Residence - Calea Dumbravii area, forest clearing - Real Estate Sibiu

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


Green Diamond Residence - Imobiliare Sibiu THE EXCLUSIVE BUILDING OF INDIVIDUAL HOUSES IN SIBIU IN A PREMIUM DISTRICT - Calea Dumbravii Area, forest clearing An extremely luxurious residential complex that addresses the most demanding and finest taste in real estate in Sibiu! Location: A luxurious ensemble has to be positioned in a premium area to offer everyday the unique and unique life experience we are looking for when buying such a home. Therefore, it was carefully chosen a quiet, green location, where you can enjoy the sounds of nature, away from the rush of the city, but 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes walk to the central area. The Green Diamond Residential Complex is located on the edge of the Dumbrava Forest, on a quiet street with fast and easy access to shopping areas, public and private institutions and transportation. When choosing the real estate developer of the dream house, it is very important to know its history. Thus, it starts a relationship of mutual trust and you will know that you have chosen correctly. Green Diamond Residence is being developed by one of the largest real estate developers in Sibiu, which has: - over 10 years of experience in real estate development; - 2 sets of houses with over 40 dwelling units each; - 7 residential residential projects - completed and inhabited ... and the projects continue successfully! General details: Addressed to Maslow's top of the needs Pyramid of needs, this residential compound meets the most demanding real estate tastes! It is certainly a UNIC project on the real estate market in Sibiu that combines refinement and elegance in a harmonious way. The ensemble comprises 7 individual dwellings in insured or coupled regime, in a superb location, even at the edge of Dumbrava Forest. House typologies: The ensemble is made up of individual houses in regimented or coupled style, with a harmonious architecture on 3 levels: PE ER. The useful areas of houses are between 130.6mp and 145.3mp. Each unit has 5 rooms: 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. The surfaces of the private yards are between 45-240sqm, free field. Payment method: - Main payment system with a minimum advance of 90% on antecontract: the price is as described in the descriptions. - Payment system in 3 installments during the execution of the contract (30% on the pre-contract, 30% at the time of completion of the red construction and 40% at the signing of the final contract): the price increases by 20,000 Euros compared to the main system. - Credit payment system at the end of the project: the price increases by 40.000 Euro compared to the main system (the minimum advance 5-10% for the pre-contract and the rest for the final contract). Each home has included in the sale price a parking space in the secured parking lot. A further 7 parking spaces are available, each with a VAT rate of 5,000 euros. Deadline: December 2018.