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Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


Residential Impact House - Triplex houses

Residential Impact House is located in Selimbar, in the area of ​​Clover and consists of 4 modules of houses, type TRIPLEX. Each building is arranged on 2 levels GF + E and has its own courtyard with paved areas (entrance to the building, parking place and terrace), plus green areas.

The houses will be delivered at the advanced GRI stage.

Available typologies:

- Type 1 (the side): 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms - 89.45 sqm + 2 balconies, 1 terrace and own yard

- Type 2 (middle part): 5 rooms, 4 bathrooms - 123.56 sqm + 1 terrace and own yard

Teach mode INTERIOR

• Teach at Advanced GRI

• The walls have a shingle layer

• PVC windows

• PVC entrance door

• Heat and heaters

• Sanitary installation

• Electrical installation.

Teaching mode EXTERIOR


• Thermal insulation between houses

• Paved area

• Green area

• Parking space in the yard


The villa is located in one of the most popular living areas in the city, in Selimbar. An area surrounded by new real estate constructions, which offers you the tranquility of the neighborhood of Sibiu, where you and your family can enjoy nature, the fresh air, the views. New infrastructure such as water, gas, electricity, sewerage bring comfort and guarantee the long-term sustainability of your investment.

Payment method accepted

The house for sale in Sibiu can be purchased both from its own sources and with bank credit. For the payment by credit "Prima Casa", the price increases by 5%.

Properties in this complex

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