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The perfect home for you and your family !!! As a result of the success of Ciresica Real Estate, in 2016, the design of a new residential complex on the Sibiu real estate market - KOGALNICEANU CARTIER, located in a PREMIUM area, in the heart of the city, began. It consists of 23 blocks, with 414 apartments, all of which have 3 rooms, except for the 46 penthouses. One block consists of ground floor, 3 floors and penthouse. Turnkey apartments! All apartments are taught fully completed, in detail. Budgets allocated to finishes are premium budgets. Following the experiences over time, a short list of reliable suppliers has been drawn up for recommendations in this regard. If what we propose is not your taste, then you have the complete freedom to choose whoever you want. Sandstone, faience, parquet, etc. can be bought, within your budget, virtually anywhere. The only condition is to be delivered on time. Real Estate Sibiu - Advantages of Kogalniceanu neighborhood: -developer of reputation; -prepared turnkey finishes; -Free parking lot; -the premium zone; -LUX neighborhood; -strada pavata; -distances to other blocks; -spatiu comercial in cartier; -local playground in the green area; -elevator; The elevator is a utility in all the blocks in this neighborhood, even if they have only four floors. 21st century means bulky shopping, flat water coaches, trolleys, bicycles, laptop bags and bulky folders. All this is part of everyday life, and the elevator becomes more than a fad. There are 490 parking spaces. Each apartment has an insured parking place, which is a very important thing especially in the evening. The Kogalniceanu neighborhood has more parking spaces than the number of apartments. These can be useful for families with two cars. An extra parking space is an investment that is worth to include in the apartment's budget for the amount of 900 euro (VAT included 5%), if the purchase is made after signing the pre-contract. A neighborhood with its own playground A creative and relaxing place for the Kogalniceanu children. A special place to attract mothers, grandparents and dwarves will be to think in detail about spending time in the neighborhood, and green spaces between blocks will be the neighborhood's lungs. Moreover, there will be a supermarket in the neighborhood. Now you can even check a long shopping list without having to start the car again. The central position of the district has double access, in different areas of the city, so you can get faster, anywhere. Let's not forget that Sibiu is crowded at peak hours, and the two possibilities of access to the neighborhood offer many alternative routes. You will surely get anywhere faster home. The golden rule of the real estate makes this area extremely attractive due to its ideal location. Climb in the car to go shopping: Kaufland, Penny Market or Lidl are 2-3 minutes away. Do you have guests who want to visit the Great Market, the Little Market and the Brukental Museum? In 7-8 minutes you are in the center of Sibiu. Another example, Cibin Market: 5 minutes. Bus station: 2 minutes. Highway: 7 minutes. To all this you add a panorama of the Fagaras mountains in the background and the towers of the Great Square, in the near future. Real Estate Sibiu - all new constructions in Sibiu in one place Newconceptliving Real Estate Agency - We find the ideal home for you without commission on the purchase

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3-room apartment for sale in Sibiu - Piata Cluj area
0 % Buying Comission
71 sqm 3 1

Hand-over: 01.09.2021


Apartment for sale Sibiu - turnkey - central area
0 % Buying Comission
72 sqm 3 1

Hand-over: 01.09.2021


Apartment for sale Sibiu - Penthouse - Top location
0 % Buying Comission
101.30 sqm 4 2

Hand-over: 01.09.2021