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Lumia Residential Complex - Calea Cisnadiei - SIBIU REAL ESTATE

Magdalena Gliga

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1 Block - 2 Stairs - Only 2 floors

New Concept Living presents a new set consisting of a building with 2 stairs, of 9 apartments in each staircase. All apartments are with 2 rooms, kitchen and a bathroom. They will be delivered in June 2019.


Types of apartments:

Apartment 2 rooms - 41 sqm + loggia and a parking place

Apartment 2 rooms - 46 sqm and a parking place

Apartment 2 rooms - 48 sqm + balcony or garden and a parking place

Apartment 2 rooms - 50 sqm + balcony or garden and a parking place

The apartments on the 2nd floor can also benefit from space from the bridge - living space (counter cost)

High space (2.8 H max.)

Mod teach apartments

Teach at WHITE inside

- Finishing with plaster or mortar

- PVC joinery, 7 rooms, 3 sheets of glass

- Heating system + heaters

- Water installation

- Heating plant in condensation

- Electrical installation

- Helicopterized mechanized valve

- Front door

Handing the key to the outside

Apartment for sale in Sibiu:

Lumia Residential Complex is located on Calea Cisnadiei, Liviu Ciulei street, just 300 m from Profi Ciresica store. The residential neighborhood located near Sibiu has experienced the greatest expansion in recent years. Real estate developers build here residential blocks and houses for all budgets and tastes.

Most of the streets in the neighborhood are already paved and illuminated.

Accepted payment method:

Payment can be made both from your own sources and with the help of a bank loan. Prices include 5% VAT.

Properties in this complex

Apartment for sale in Sibiu - 2 rooms and a garden of 45 sqm
0 % Buying Comission
47.63 sqm 2 1