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Residential apartment complex at Calea Cisnadiei Villa

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


The residential complex of apartments at the villa - Calea Cisnădiei

Today is the best day to be happy, choosing an apartment for sale from the whole Calea Cisnădiei

The residential complex of apartments in the villa is built on Calea Cisnadiei, marking Nicolae Porumbescu street, in a quiet area of ​​houses. The project is built by a renowned real estate developer, and the quality of the works is impeccable. The apartments as a whole are practically subdivided and there are 6 typologies that can be folded perfectly on the diversified demand of the buyers.

Advantages Residential ensemble of apartments at the villa Calea Cisnadiei

- renowned real estate developer

- modern compartmentalized apartments

- large terraces and generous gardens for the apartments on the ground floor

- parking place included in the price of the apartment

- apartments in the villa, only 3 units per floor

-mobile with intercom

- very quiet area of ​​houses.

- dispose of P + E1 + E2

Types of apartments available:

- Type 1B (only available on the ground floor): 3 rooms - 57 sqm + garden 138 sqm - 58,500 euros

- Type 2 B (only available upstairs + attic): 3 or 4 rooms - 105 sqm + attic of 46 sqm - 57,000 euros

- Type 1 A (only available on the ground floor): 1 room - 33 sqm + land of about 20 sqm - 29,000 euros

- Type 2 A (only available on the ground floor): 1 room - 31.3 sqm + land 84 sqm - 35,000 euros

-Type 3 A (available on the ground floor) - 1 room -37 sqm + land of 18 sqm - 31,500 euros

-type 4 A: floor + attic - 3 rooms 86 sqm + balcony 3 sqm - 43000 euros

-type 5 A: floor + attic - 3 rooms - 89 sqm + balcony of 3.15 - 45,500 euros

Two houses in the second section have been subdivided into apartments, which will be delivered in gray 3 months after signing.

TYPE A> Apartment 2 rooms / 48 sqm useful + terrace of 14 sqm and land of 43 - 46,000 euros

TYPE B> Apartment 2 rooms / 105 sqm (of which 52 sqm is attic) - 56000 euros

⇒ The walls of the apartments from the first floor + attic are not tiled, there is only a slight inclination so that the entire space can be used and arranged at the buyers' pleasure.

All apartments in the residential complex will be delivered in spring 2019 at the gray stage, which includes the following:

- central heating and radiators

- insulating windows

- self-leveling knowledge

- electrical, thermal and sanitary installations

- metal door at the entrance and door at the entrance to the terrace

A way to pay:

- All payment methods will be accepted, the price remaining the same. To book an apartment from the apartment complex at the Happy City villa, a minimum payment of 3000 euros is required.