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Residential Complex Alpha Ville -IMIBILIARE SIBIU

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


Alpha Ville Residential Complex - SIBIU REAL ESTATE

Elegant villa, with only 9 apartments

The Alpha Ville complex consists of 7 villas, with a height regime of P + 1E + M. Each villa consists of 9 apartments.

Types of apartments:

Studio 31 sqm useful + balcony - DAY AREA + NIGHT AREA

Apartment 2 rooms 48 sqm + balcony - FULLY RECOMMENDED

2 room apartment 50 sqm + balcony - FULLY RECOMMENDED

3 room apartment 53.33 sqm + 2 balconies


Teach the WHITE

Villa 1 and 2 - INBOUNDED

Villa 3 and 4 - INBOUNDED

Villa 5, 6 and 7 - INBOUNDED

The access routes are 100% arranged

How to teach apartments:

• Teach at ALB inside:

- BOSCH plant in condensation, 5 years warranty

- radiators

- Rehau insulated windows, with 5 rooms

- metal door at the entrance

- all utilities drawn (water, sewerage, gas, electricity)

• Handing the key to the outside:

- the gardens are fenced with metal fence and poles

- Porotherm brick of 30 cm

- exterior insulation, of 10 EPS 80

- parking place paved with pools, included in the price

- intercom for your safety

- paved and illuminated streets

Real Estate Sibiu - Residential building location NEW

The Alpha Ville complex is located in Calea Cisnadiei, the residential neighborhood located near Sibiu, which has experienced the greatest expansion in recent years. Real estate developers build here residential blocks and houses for all budgets and tastes.

Accepted payment method:

Payment can be made both by CASH and by mortgage. The price remains the same regardless of the method of payment chosen by you.