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Residential Complex Dumbravii Residence - SIBIU REAL ESTATE

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


Quality - Comfort - Softness - Good taste - Refining

Dumbravii Residence Residential - Building and LUX area The perfect location that gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the comfort of a modern life.

Dumbravii Residence is composed of a cozy and modern building, built 2017 - 2018, arranged on 4 levels, with 8 spacious apartments and a luxurious penthouse on the retired floor. Secured access, silent elevator, private yard with green spaces and underground parking.

The style approached for this residential complex was a refined one, combined with an architecture that stands out from any other house around, with a paved interior courtyard, but also with a large enough green space.

What are the characteristics of a home that is truly luxurious? It cannot be a single feature, but a balanced mix between several criteria.

1. Construction quality - the materials used are high quality, underground parking and silent lift.

2. The architecture of the building - the assembly has a special cubic architecture, lines and special and bold shapes, which stand out.

3. Surfaces and compartments - generous surfaces - large spaces both inside and outside.

4. Location - the area in which the whole is located is recognized for the residential tradition, the quiet atmosphere and the community of quality - super advantageous positioning from all points of view.

Calea Dumbravii is an area with "demands" in the city, which will provide a connection to all the important points of the city - just 15 minutes walk, to the Old Center of Sibiu and with easy access to the exit to Paltinis resort.

High quality equipment:

- Porotherm brick 25 cm on the outside and 15 cm on the inside

- Salamander PVC joinery 5 rooms, 24 mm glass

- Schindler lift for 7 people

- Plumbing and thermal installations Pex-Al

- Steel panel radiators

- Bosch condensing boiler 24 kw

- Exterior thermal insulation with 10 mm polystyrene

- The interior walls are smooth

- Equalization valve

- Exterior window sills, aluminum

- Interior window sills, PVC

- Balcony paved with exterior tiles

- Paved interior yard + green spaces

- 10 underground parking spaces

Here you will find all the advantages of an urban life today

- numerous points of interest in the area and easy access to all the main arteries in the city -