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Residential Complex Waldturm - Sibiu - Imobiliare Sibiu

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


It is our pleasure to present to you a unique project, which stands out on the Sibiu real estate market due to its quality, comfort, and exclusive architecture.

Because we pay attention to your needs, we have come up with a unique design for our projects, which combine quality and comfort.

The singularity of this project consists of quality and beautiful, unique exterior design. The final floor of the property will host a beautiful heated swimming pool and each apartment will be developed in a unique manner.

The vegetation and the trees which will inhabit the balconies, the general pleasant and bright look, the heat-treated decorative wood applied on the facade, the large high-quality windows, the heated pool on the roof, the elevator or the underground and above-ground parking lots are the many arguments why an apartment within the Waldturm project should be a smart and inspired choice.

We aim to innovate the real estate market of Sibiu, to show that the best choice is Quality.

In order to maintain its high quality, the property will have a building manager, who will be responsible for its maintenance.

The Waldturm Sibiu Residential Complex Sibiu is a product of Gruenwald Immobilien!

Gruenwald Immobilien has been present on the Sibiu real estate market for 3 years, and has distinguished itself by its high quality, as well as the unique and innovative design of the constructions.


The “Waldturm” Residential Complex will be built on Doamna Stanca Street, opposite Dedeman, which will be the future luxury residential area of Sibiu.

The Doamna Stanca area

Doamna Stanca Street is currently the most highly-regarded living area among the inhabitants of Sibiu. Doamna Stanca lies at the crossing between the extension of Mihai Viteazu Street from Sibiu/ the Dedeman area.

The street is very wide, it includes plenty of green areas, and it is 100% paved.

Access is possible in 2 different ways. (1 access through Șelimbăr, and one directly through Sibiu). The Doamna Stanca area is highly appreciated and valued for its good geographic position in the city of Sibiu.

Sibiu Real Estate - The complex is made up of 22 apartments, and its height is structured as follows: underground + ground floor + 5 floors + secluded floor)

The apartments are provided with the following facilities:

- underground stall


- every apartment can be provided with turnkey finishes of the best quality

- pool

- generous, nicely-designed balconies

Delivery date: The complex will be delivered approximately in Spring 2019.

We have made sure that every apartment will be provided with generous balconies, underground or above-ground parking places and elevator, thus facilitating access to the apartment.

Every inhabitant will benefit from unconditional access to the POOL located on the last floor of the building.

The stall from the building’s underground floor will be added to all these!