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Residential Imperial Group

Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


The residential group Imperial Group Selimbar is built in the Pictor N. Brana area, just minutes from Sibiu.

The residential complex built under the height of P + 2E proposes a modern and cozy housing alternative, perfect for young couples, but also for middle-aged families, or pensioners who want an intimate home, in a quiet area to provide them with a space. ideal for relaxing after the busy days.

The project comprises 4 villas, each with 21 beautifully subdivided apartments.

To complete this project, in the mirror, there are 4 more identical villas, developed by EBS REI

Types of apartments available as a whole:

-Apartment 1 rooms-Silver - 38.2 sqm- available only on the ground floor

- 1-room apartment - Studio Maxi - 36.6 sqm - only available on the ground floor

- Apartment 2 rooms - Ideal 1 - 49.5 sqm - completely detached

- Apartment 2 rooms - Ideal 2 - 51.1 sqm - separate kitchen

The apartments are INBOUND and available anytime, at the advanced gray stage.

Imperial Group Șelimbăr - Benefits

- practical partitioning of the apartments

- generous green spaces

- apartments villas with only 2 floors

- all the apartments have balconies (except the ones from the ground floor)

- all apartments have separate kitchen

- premium zone, access through 3 different parts

- paved and fully illuminated street

- close to the largest shopping center in the city - Promenada Mall

- easy access to the belt of Sibiu and the highway

The assembly is constructed of the highest quality materials, both at the level of the structure, as well as for the finishes, the electrical and sanitary installations, so as to offer the buyer the alternative of a sustainable residential investment, which will offer him optimal conditions of comfort in the a space divided according to a modern architectural concept.

Location:Pictor Street N. Brana

The Pictor Bra na street is at this moment the most appreciated living area among the people of Sibiu. Arta Pictor N.Brana is the first street on the left from the entrance to Selimbar (from Sibiu, from the roundabout with Promenada Mall). The street is very wide, provided throughout its area with many green areas and is 100% asphalted. Access to the city is made through 3 different parts. (2 accesses through Selimbar, and one directly through Sibiu)

Who is Imperial Group, the developer who builds these 4 villas in Șelimbăr?

Imperial Group is the real estate developer in Sibiu that aims to build for a better and safer future.

With considerable experience in the real estate market, Imperial Group has so far built five residential complexes in the central area of ​​Sibiu, imbelimbăr and in the area of ​​Calea Cisnădiei.

The last residential project in the company's portfolio is INSIBIO, the one that is being built in the Cluj Square area. While working on the second block of this complex, Imperial Group SIBIU is happy to make available to the buyers another 4 apartments villas in the Imperial Group Șelimbăr ensemble, located in the Pictor Brana area.

Properties in this complex

Apartment for sale in Sibiu - 2 rooms - Ideal I
0 % Buying Comission
49.5 sqm 2 1
Apartment for sale in Sibiu - 2 ROOMS - New Residential Complex
0 % Buying Comission
51.1 sqm 2 1