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The ensemble of houses built Calea Cisnadiei SIBIU

Timotei Poplăcean

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Calea Cisnadiei Residential Houses - Designed for Happiness and Family Welfare! People's tastes are different, so are the homes they live in. There are many people attracted by the traditional Romanian architecture, but so many are those who love the international styles. In order to meet all the needs of the contemporary times, we present you the new ensemble of English style houses in Sibiu, located on Calea Cisnadiei. This ensemble of houses impresses with elegance, good taste and simplicity, giving you the opportunity to live in a beautiful, clean area in an intimate and quiet environment close to nature. Promotion: For houses 1 we have a limited offer: -for the full payment of cash or mortgage fully paid until December 15, 2018 at the latest, we have the special base price of 69700 euros plus VAT. The houses are of 3 types and will have the following price offers: - Courtyard ~ 85 sqm 1 parking place in front of the house - 79,000 Euro (incl. 5% included). View link here! - courtyard ~ 115 sqm 1 parking spot in front of the house - 82,150 euro (incl. 5% included). View link here! - Courtyard of ~ 163sqm 1 parking place in front of the house - 87,200 Euro (incl. 5% included). View link here! At the signing of the contract will be paid an advance of 3 000 EURO which is also a guarantee for buying.If the buyer is changing it loses it.