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Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager


Cubic architecture - attractive and elegant design The Luxor Residential Luxor in Sibiu is a new set of duplex houses with a modern architecture, out of the patterns we have used everyday. Following the experience of the real estate market in recent years and the success of this project in early 2017, the developer has decided to build 18 duplexes (36 residential buildings) after the same project. Although the roof roof involves higher costs, the developer wants to offer you a house with different and distinctive architectural forms. Why would a family choose a home with such design, in a society that is still animated by conservative ideas? The first argument is of aesthetical nature: the evocation of the idea of \u200b\u200bmodernity, the breaking of the monotony, the exit from the classical, Balkan architecture, the roof, the attic and the skylights, typically Romanian. The presented project confirms this generous offer of bold lines and shapes, somewhere unconventional. Secondly, the useful space is bigger because we no longer have the attic, which narrows it. The house is full of light, open like a book outward, with firm lines, pleasant to look. The home separates the living area (ground floor) and the sleeping area (floor). The project, besides the modern design, maximizes the living space. Such houses are of great interest in the West, with the visual impact being very large. Types of houses - House type A - 111.24 sqm usable terrace warehouse - Type B house - 124.75 sqm usable terrace storeroom Advantages - Bathroom with ventilation glass - The house offers the possibility of to have a fireplace - Warehouse - Dressing - Shop - Quality materials - Silicone premium decorative - Double wall between houses - 30 cm Porotherm insulation - Polystyrene under the ceramic tile - Ceramic tile - LA GRI or KEY in the interior (depending on customer wishes) - LA KEY OUTSIDE - Paved area with concrete tiles - Green space - Yard, fenced and equipped with gate The Luxor Residential Complex will be built in Selimbar, in the Triaju area, a quiet area of \u200b\u200bnew villas chochete. An important criterion in choosing your future home is its location. Neighbors, tranquility, easy access make this home one to consider in your decision to buy the much-desired home.