Villa with 3 apartments for sale in Sibiu - garage / apartment -

Property ID: 9316
Sale Price:
Property ID:

Usable Area:





Property ID: 9316
Sale Price: € 450,000 
No of beds:9
Area:Strand II
Floor space:610 sqm
Streets:Asphalted, Street lighting
Property height:2
No of kitchens:3
Completion date:2012
Plot size:141 sqm
Destination:Housing, Housing/Office
Last updated: 6 March 2024
Number of views: 11859


Villa with 3 apartments for sale in Sibiu - garage / apartment - Strand II area

We propose a villa with 3 apartments for sale in Sibiu, built in 2016, located in the Strand II area, easy access in Calea Poplacii street.

Short description villa with 3 apartments for sale in Sibiu:

The villa has a height regime of GF + 2F + AT, a footprint of 141 sqm and an opening of 2 streets. It consists of 3 apartments, 3 garages, 2 gyms, stairwell, plus a technical room.

The ground floor is composed of 3 garages and 2 gyms, a hall between garages that communicates with the staircase, a technical room of 7.94 sqm.

Floor 1 and floor 2 are identical. On each level there is an apartment with a usable area of ​​155.90 sqm, plus 2 balconies of 14.14 sqm, respectively 19.26 sqm.

The apartments consist of: large living room of 59.86 sqm, plus a closet and a bathroom of 3.44 sqm, a hall of 6.32 sqm, which separates 2 rooms of 22.40 sqm, respectively 17.18 sqm, a kitchen of 17.18 sqm, a bathroom of 7 sqm and a closet of 1.88 sqm.

The attic consists of an apartment identical to the one on the 1st and 2nd floor, but benefits from a single balcony with an area of ​​19.26 sqm.

The staircase house is large and airy (approx. 20 sqm toi / level) and benefits from the glass on each floor for as much natural light as possible during the day.

Delivery stage: The building was built in 2012 and will be handed over at the gray stage. It needs renovations.

Parking space: Car access in 3 garages, plus 5 private parking spaces both in front of the villa and behind the villa.

Location villa with 3 apartments for sale in Sibiu:

The villa is located in the Strand II area, with easy access to Strand I, but especially to Calea Poplacii (Piata Sadu).
The access roads to the property are 100% arranged, asphalted and publicly lit.

Accepted payment method:
The price remains the same regardless of the method of payment.

Internal ID: 9316

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