Land for sale in Sibiu

Property ID: 3230
Sale Price:
Property ID:

Land Area:



Property ID: 3230
Sale Price: € 687,250 
Plot size:10573 sqm
No of Fronts:1
Opening:230 ml
Land type:Construibil
Suitable for:Residential/Industrial
Last updated: 6 March 2024
Number of views: 11386


Land for sale in Sibiu - Vestem - 10573 sqm - PUZ approved for construction

Land for sale in Sibiu - Vestem, with an area of ​​10,573 sqm, located at the exit of Vestem village, with direct access to DN1. A 100% profitable investment - the area for residential construction, hotel, gas station, halls.

Short description land for sale in Sibiu - Vestem:

The land is INTRAVILAN, has an area of ​​10,573 sqm and 1 generous street front of about 230 ml (directly to DN 1). The height regime in the area is S + P + 2E, suitable: residential, hotel, gas station, halls and warehouses, etc.

CUT: 1.20

POT: 50%

Hmax: 16 m

Moreover, the land is parcelable. It can be divided into 2 plots: plot 1 - 3880 sqm and plot 2 - 6693 sqm.


Land for sale in Sibiu - Vestem:

Each plot has electricity and three-phase current, gas connection, water supply-channel, video monitoring and security and protection service, emergency band approx. 220 ml.

Land for sale in Sibiu - Vestem:

-Intrusive - CPU approved

- emergency band 220 sqm
- direct opening ground at DN 1
- the area in full development
- Proper investment
- utilities on the ground


Land for sale in Sibiu - Vestem:

The land is located in Vestem village, Selimbar commune and has direct opening at DN 1. Internal ID: 3230.

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