Life in Sibiu 
It's the perfect time to make a good investment in a growing city. Why not choose Sibiu, the city in Romania with a rich history, well-established traditions and excellent prospects for the future?
Why not live in a city where the majority of the population speaks foreign languages? A city where traffic is still decent and natural landscapes are beautiful? Sibiu is the city in the center of Romania that has already attracted over 200 multinational companies, especially companies in the automotive industry.

Sibiu has an international airport, in recent years the city's population has increased by over 50%, and the real estate market is booming. See below some reasons why Sibiu is a wise choice!

Sibiu awaits you!
Sibiu has an international airport and provides an excellent connection between Sibiu and other major cities in Europe. There are constant non-stop flights to Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy or France. The airport is located only 7 km away, so you can get to the city quickly and easily.

Sibiu International Airport is also the reason why many multinational companies have invested in the city, but also the reason why hundreds of thousands of tourists visit us every year.
Sibiu is the city in Romania with the most multinational companies in the automotive industry. Continental, the second largest manufacturer of car components and tires, opened its headquarters in Sibiu 15 years ago.

Subsequently, over 200 companies, especially companies in the automotive industry, opened their headquarters in Sibiu. The unemployment rate in the city is close to 0.
At the beginning of 2020, the last section of the motorway was completed, which connects Sibiu and the center of Romania with Western Europe through the motorway. The distance Sibiu – Munich can be covered in 11 hours by car, Vienna is an 8-hour drive away, and Budapest can be reached in 5 and a half hours.
The Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania is the organization through which the community of Romanian citizens with German roots participates in the political life in Europe. Like any other minority in Romania, the Saxons are an integral part of the Romanian state. Documentary evidence shows that the Germans have been present in the territory of today’s Romania for more than eight centuries, and their number has increased or decreased depending on the historical and political context.

In Sibiu, approximately 40% of the local public administration council is made up of Germans. At this moment, the mayor of Sibiu is of German ethnicity. Also, prior to the current mayor, for 14 years Sibiu was led by a German mayor, who is currently the President of Romania. The latter formed and started the incredible ascent of Sibiu.

Honesty, punctuality, transparency, professionalism and quality are all characteristics of the members of the German Forum that determined the smooth running of things in Sibiu.

The rigor and clear long-term vision and the fulfillment of the strategic objectives for the development of the city made Sibiu reach the top of the cities in Europe once again. In fact, Sibiu is a respected city within the European cultural and business environment. In 2007, it was the European Capital of Culture and in May 2019, Sibiu hosted the NATO Summit.
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In Sibiu there are kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities for all tastes and budgets, the city having a wide variety of educational institutes.
It is not a novelty that private schools have a teaching system in German and English, but in the last 10 years many state schools in Sibiu have approached the same bilingual teaching system. Pupils and students benefit from the highest quality education, learning foreign languages from the first years.

Above all, we are pleased to mention the private school with teaching in German language – Charlotte Dietrich. Students learn to work in accordance with their plans and decisions and at the same time they follow the teacher's instructions. Thus, they learn to work in different social forms, learn to adapt, to be flexible and to achieve their goals in different ways.

The best German college in Romania is located in the old center of Sibiu, right next to the Large Square/Piața Mare. The Samuel von Brukenthal lyceum offers the opportunity to study all subjects in German for middle school and high school. For those who prefer the Nordic educational system, there is the Finish School in Sibiu, which offers a different perspective on the educational system.

There are also 4 large universities that have a wide range of faculties from which students can choose.
The fact that teaching is in English and German, but that there are also well-trained teachers, make Sibiu the best choice for thousands of students from abroad.
According to a recent statistic, the living of a family with 4 members costs about 1500 euros / month. The same statistics tell us that life in Sibiu is 14% cheaper than in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

What are the costs in Sibiu? See in the rows below.
    Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage tax) for an 80 sqm apartment cost on average 170 euros/month.
  • A mobile phone subscription costs 15 euros/month on average
  • Internet and cable television subscription costs 12 euros/month on average.
  • State medical insurance costs approximately 50 euros/month
  • 1 L of gasoline/diesel costs approximately 1.88 euros
  • The bus ticket costs 0.5 euros, and a TAXI from the center to the airport costs about 10 euros.
  • A subscription to the fitness room costs approximately 35 euros, depending on the chosen sports club.
  • A dinner in the historic center of the city costs about 40 euros, a beer at 0.5 costs around 2 euros, and a glass of wine costs between 5-6 euros.
  • The tax for a 70 square meter building costs around 50 euros/year
  • The insurance of a 70 square meter building costs 95 euros/year
  • The rent for a 3-room apartment in a good area of ​​the city costs between 400-700 euros, depending on the utilities and finishes of the apartment
The national currency in Romania is RON. (leu). One leu is worth 0.20 EUROS, 0.24 US Dollars or 0.19 Pounds Sterling.
In general, real estate prices are below the European average, with the mention that the central-northern part of the country is more prosperous than the southern part, and the prices are also higher. However, there are differences between the prices of properties in Sibiu, as well, and the fluctuations are between 700-1500 euros/sqm, depending on the finishes of the property, depending on location and other advantages.

For example, customers can purchase a 72 sqm apartment with a terrace overlooking a lake in a developing area of the city for the price of 1000 euros/sqm. In the historic center of the city the prices are between 1000-1500 euros/sqm, depending on the finishes and furniture.

When it comes to houses, the prices are higher, especially when it comes to individual homes with large gardens, located in exclusive areas of the city. The quality finishes, the modern furniture, the interior and exterior architectural style, the number of terraces, the garden surface, all make up the mix that defines the price of a 4-room house in Sibiu.
In contrast, a 2-room apartment in the historic center of Sibiu can cost as much as a house located near the city. The old buildings with high ceilings and large windows, with vintage feel and historical value are of great interest for the investors from Sibiu. Due to the large number of tourists, these types of apartments are ideal for hotel-style rental.
Sibiu is one of the safest cities in Romania. The crime rate lies below 2%, there are no notorious neighborhoods and you can walk the streets completely safe at any time of day or night.

Pollution is within the accepted levels and road traffic is decent. In Sibiu there are numerous parks, Pădurea Dumbrava/Dumbrava Forest is located nearby, facts that allow the breathed air to be as clean as possible.
In 2007 Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture, along with Luxembourg. It was the first city in Eastern Europe to enjoy such a distinction. At that time, the city hosted countless interesting cultural events and was visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. It was just a starting point for our city to be visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Starting with 1993, the International Theater Festival is hosted every year in Sibiu. This is one of the largest theater festivals in the world and hosts every year artists from around the world.
There are some mandatory documents that allow a foreign buyer to buy or sell a new property in Romania. Starting with 2012, foreign citizens from the US/EU can obtain a land or a property in Romania for the purpose of a secondary residence. Therefore, there is no difference between a foreign citizen and a Romanian citizen, when it comes to real estate acquisitions.

Foreign citizens who want to buy or sell a property in Romania must obtain a tax identification number from ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal Administration). It is not a long or difficult process and you will be able to get it in a maximum of two days.
As a buyer, foreign citizens will only need the passports/identity documents and the tax identification number mentioned above.
The German Business Club Transylvania (DWS) was founded in 1998 in Sibiu as a non-profit association. The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Harald Gehrig, who was in office at the time, founded a group, which German entrepreneurs who were active in Sibiu joined. The group was the predecessor of today's Business Club. The group consisted mainly of smaller companies that had their first experiences with Southeastern Europe and hoped for mutual help and a lively exchange of experiences, which they also found there.

As the group grew steadily and the tasks increased, it became today's German Business Club. Since the members always met in Sibiu and no one should have felt excluded, because there were also members from Brașov and Cluj-Napoca at the meeting, the name „Deutscher Wirtschaftsclub Siebenbürgen”/„German Business Club Transylvania” (DWS) was chosen without further ado.

18 years have now passed since the Club was founded and registered in the Sibiu Registry of Associations, and the Business Club has continued to develop well in terms of structure and quality. The DWS also opened up to entrepreneurs from other German-speaking countries who are active in Transylvania – mainly in the Sibiu area. Today, the DWS has around 200 active member companies, which also include institutions such as the German Democratic Forum in Romania, the German-Romanian University, the Sibiu Administration School and the German-speaking media, Hermannstädter Zeitung and Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung.

In addition to the DWS, there are 7 other German business clubs in Romania, namely in Arad, Bacău, Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, Mureș, Satu Mare and Timișoara. In total, around 800 German companies are organized in the German clubs.
The German Consulate in Sibiu is an important and traditional founding member of DWS. It forms the interface between business, culture and bilateral cooperation on several levels. According to the articles of association, the respective head of the German Consulate in Sibiu, currently Mr. Consul Hans Erich Tischler, is the honorary chairman of the Business Club.
As a contact point for companies from German-speaking countries, the DWS makes an active contribution to the development of economic relations between the countries of origin and Romania. At the same time, the DWS fulfills its role as on-site representative of the interests of these companies.

Exchanging experiences between the member companies, providing information for the member companies and maintaining a constructive dialogue with political representatives and representatives of the public administration, are all central to the activity of the DWS. To this end, the DWS organizes regular members' meetings as well as numerous other events in which public figures and representatives of local business take part.
The DWS makes the DWS conference room (with over 40 seats) available to all of its members free of charge!

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Sibiu is a city suitable for families with children: it is a safe, clean city with many schools and kindergartens. But there are countless ways to have fun for those looking to relax and get out of the routine in this way. Sibiu has many restaurants for all tastes and all budgets, there are several nightclubs with various musical and thematic styles.
Also, in recent years, countless music festivals have been organized in the city and surrounding areas. In addition, during the summer, the people of Sibiu and the tourists who visit the city enjoy the International Theater Festival, the Astra Film Festival, the Focus Festival in The Park.

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