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New Concept Living - Real Estate Agency in Sibiu
Real estate agency in Sibiu and Alba Iulia
New Concept Living is a real estate company operating in Transylvania. We identify the best solutions for clients and offer investment consulting, business project management in the real estate field, but also turnkey finishing and real estate administration service.

The New Concept Living real estate agency is the place where the discipline, passion and experience of the staff come together and outline a professional and pleasant experience for the client, whether he is a buyer, seller or investor.
We like things that are done well and we put the customer's interest first. All our costs are covered by the real estate developers who sell through our agency. We are leaders on the Sibiu real estate market, with the most diversified offer of new real estate. 80% of developers have chosen to outsource their sales services to us, understanding the need to raise the sales department to a professional level.

With a portfolio of over 1000 properties in the segment of new residential properties, our company is the largest real estate platform in Sibiu.

Nota bene: For transactions over 200,000 euros, the New Concept Living agency charges the buyer a fee of 1%. The real estate consultant will provide all the necessary details and information regarding the exceptional cases in which our agency charges a fee.
We take over from individuals and legal entities real estate that we promote for sale or rent. Our agents inspect the property in order to take over the offer for sale or rent. We check the legal status of the property and make sure everything is proper and legal.

We promote the offer in the press and in specialized publications, as well as on real estate portals and not only. We identify, select and present to the beneficiary potential buyers for its offer. We assist the negotiation process. We offer consultancy and assistance for the completion of the sale and the conclusion of the transfer deeds of the property, or of the rental contract.
You want to make a good real estate investment abroad or need to grow your business? You need to know that having money is not enough. You need the help and vast experience of a real estate project management company.

It is well known that real estate project management is the function that allows entrepreneurs to become leaders in their market sector, nationally or globally. Basically, business project management is the service through which a specialized company takes all the steps towards a new prosperous business. On behalf of the investor, the project management company takes all the necessary masures to reach the target profit.
Seller fee: 2% + VAT (Applies to all real estate transactions)

Buyer fee: 0% (Applies to real estate transactions up to 200.000 euros)
Buyer fee: 1% + VAT (Applies to all real estate transactions over 200.000 euros)

Rental fee: 50% + VAT of the value of a monthly rent from the landlord and 50% + VAT of the value of a monthly rent from the tenant.
What can be paid with cryptocurrency?

All real estate brokerage services can be paid through the UTrust platform in the following currencies: BTC (bitcoin), ETH (etherium), EGLD (egold), etc. Both the commissions for our services and numerous real estate properties listed for sale on the website www.newconceptliving.ro can be paid with cryptocurrency.

How does this service work?

Simple and fast. Cryptocurrencies leave your private wallet (personal crypto wallet) or even your account associated with any exchange, and lei arrive in our account. Contact us for more details.

What is different about this trading method?

The gap between cryptocurrency holders and real-world products has been overcome. Today, you can buy from your private wallet properties in new residential neighborhoods.
New Concept Living has obtained in 2021 the following quality certificates: quality system, environmental management system, information security management system, health and safety management system.