Land development (land viability with the purpose of increasing its value on the real estate market) is the complex process by which it is evaluated, planned (both technically and financially) and by which the optimal development direction of a plot is authorised.
Land development (land viability with the purpose of increasing its value on the real estate market) is the complex process by which it is evaluated, planned (both technically and financially) and by which the optimal development direction of a plot is authorised. This optimization must be carried out in accordance with the hundreds of restrictions and regulations imposed by local and national authorities.

Only a specialized company is familiar with these laws and understands the chronological order of the procedures to be implemented. This company must know and understand very well the real estate dynamics in the studied area and must have access to the active requirements of that market. There’s no point in having the capacity and knowledge to transform a certain plot into an industrial or residential area, if within the real estate market there is no absorption power for the authorized function. It is necessary to know how to make something viable, but especially what is recommended for making viable.
New Concept Living is a company specialized in land development. Our team is the perfect tool through which your plot goes through the entire development process. We take care of all the details: topographic works, studies and technical expertise, obtaining cadastral documentation, town planning certificates, supporting the project in the specialized sessions of commitees, supporting the project in sessions of the local and county councils.

In addition, we identify functional and economical technical solutions for network expansion, obtaining the necessary approvals for network connections and obtaining the building permit for the proposed constructions.

Apart from the development of plots, New Concept Living also has a construction company. Most of the projects in our portfolio were developed by New Concept Living, but we also built and sold the authorized projects for our partners.

A. Detailed investigation/audit of the plot you intend to acquire (due diligence). Properly done due diligence can save a failed investment of millions of euros.
B. Purchase contract consulting
C. Support regarding negotiation, taxation and legality
D. Complying with legality and rules from a cadastral point of view
E. Drawing up a vision and a concrete business plan for the purchased plot. The business plan includes cost projection, input projection, implementation time projection, ROI (return on investment). After the validation of the business plan by the investor, the next step is taken: preparation of the Urban Area Plan.
F. Drafting the Urban Area Plan. ***For some projects, the next step may be the approval of the Detailed Urban Plan.
G. Drafting the Detailed Urban Plan
I. Design of constructions approved in the business plan
I. Authorization of constructions approved in the business plan
J. ***In parallel with the construction authorization, the extensions of utility networks are also authorized and implemented.
K. Receipt of works with the competent authorities
L. Registration of constructions in the land registry ***for all partners, New Concept Living also executed the authorized projects.
From 2015 until now, the New Concept Living company has delivered 320,000 sqm in neighborhoods located in residential areas. Our team took care of all the details: we prepared the plot, we obtained the Urban Area Plan and the building permits, we built, and later we sold and managed the properties.

EBS REI Sibiu – complex of 8 apartment villas, located on Pictor Brana Street in Șelimbăr. The New Concept Living company took care of the whole process of land acquisition, the Urban Area Plan, of obtaining construction permits, extension of utility networks, project construction and sale of apartments.

DaVinci Homes – the largest unitary project studied in Transylvania, is also the largest residential project in Sibiu. The complex is being developed in the western area of the city, at the entrance to Cristian. The percentage of territorial occupation is only 25%, and the green spaces occupy 45%.
It is a total area of 200,000 sqm, where a neighborhood of 6 types of villas with 6, 9 and 12 apartments is being built.

Konsta Splendid is a residential complex in Șelimbăr, Sibiu. On behalf of the investor, New Concept Living carried out the following: building of apartments, extension of networks (electricity, water, canal, gas) and connections, building of streets, public lighting, reception of works with state institutions and registration of apartments in the land registry, sale of apartments.

Henri Coandă

The area of the land on which the Henri Coandă residential project is being developed has a total of 27,344 sqm. The blocks of flats will be built on 18,761 sqm, and 24% of the land will be green space. The blocks have a ground floor + 3 storeys + secluded floor.

In the Daia area, a field has been transformed into a real neighborhood of houses - the Bavaria neighborhood.
38,000 sqm of land have been transformed into a modern residential complex, with over 100 single-family homes semi-detached houses.
Definitely, yes. In Romania, 90% of the real value of a plot of land is given just by the documentation and approvals regarding the land. A plot that has an approved Urban Area Plan can be 3-4 times more valuable than its counterpart with an unapproved UAP. The explanation is simple: the development of an UAP can take between 8 and 36 months and also involves the risk of not being approved. Thus, the UAP becomes the guarantee of the value of a plot of land.

Another reason is that the return on an investment is relevant only in so far as we take into account the duration of the project implementation. Thus, a project with a profit of one million euros that was implemented in 12 months is much more advantageous than a profit of one and a half million euros from a project implemented in 36 months. Of course, blocking money in a plot of land without an UAP for an indefinite period is not the best option for the investor. So, if you have a plot of land, start the process of making it viable.

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