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Not real estate brokers. People.

Having the largest team of consultants in Sibiu, the probability that you can not be picked up on the spot, or at least on the same day, is very low. Team members are at your disposal, promptly resolving any issue related to the sale, purchase or rental of real estate. They can provide you with assistance throughout the transaction, can answer all your questions about the type of dwelling, the materials and installations used to build the apartments, the prices that differ from one type of apartment to another, the advantages of purchasing some superior apartments in terms of comfort and space economy.

The large number of members of our team makes it possible to allocate time to each customer as much as he needs to get all the answers that can help him make the right decision.

Careful! We offer premium services, sincerity and smiles.

Silviu Marin

Sales Manager 

Alexandra Tufa

Real Estate Broker 

Sergiu Popa

Real Estate Broker 

Liviu Raduca

Real Estate Broker 

Luana Ioanesi

Real Estate Broker 

Cosmin Terchila


Mihai Banciu

Real Estate Broker 

Nelutu Dascal

Real Estate Broker 

Timotei Poplacean

Real Estate Broker 

Irina Pavelescu

Real Estate Broker 

Artenie Suteu


Sergiu Cristea

Real Estate Broker 

Alin Miclea

Real Estate Broker 

Cristian Filip

Real Estate Broker 

Bogdan Mihaiescu

Real Estate Broker 

Andrei Banciu


Bianca Ioanes

Manager Assistant 

Silvia Lupsor

Real Estate Broker 

Oana Barlea

Sales Trainer 

Mihaela Istrate

Online Support 

Armulescu Mirabela

Client Analist 

Iulia Marin


Veronica Roman

Human Resources Manager 

Dobrita Badea


Magdalena Gliga

Marketing Manager 

Dan Totan

Tehnic Manager 

Ionel Ciovica

Building Administrator 

Nelutu Stoia


Tibor Konrad

General Manager