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Valea Aurie - the ideal place to live

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Valea Aurie - the ideal place to live

Valea Aurie (The Golden Valley) is considered one of the most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods in the city of Sibiu. It is located between Ștrand district, Sub Arini Park and Astra National Museum. It is located in a very quiet area, close to nature and is ideal for living.

The name of the neighborhood comes from a cottage built since the '70s and bearing the name of the beautiful nearby valley. In autumn, the valley is covered with beautifully colored leaves, which transform the decor into a storyland, from where the name's inspiration comes.
The Valea Aurie area is preferred by nature lovers and those who are looking for a natural and peaceful environment, being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In a study conducted by D&D Research between November 2016 - August 2017, it turned out that the Golden Valley is the quietest neighborhood in the country and ranked 16th among the most advantageous neighborhoods in the country in terms of cost of living.

General characteristics of the neighborhood:

1. Perimeter

The area of ​​the neighborhood is about 23.85 ha. It is one of the smallest neighborhoods in the city of Sibiu, but nevertheless, it offers its inhabitants a high standard of living.

2. Delimitations

The Valea Aurie neighborhood is delimited by the streets:
• Islazului, Aciliu (Tilișca neighborhood)
• Calea Poplăcii, Painter Nicolae Grigorescu (Ștrand neighborhood)
• Iazului (Sub Arini Park)
• Agârbiciu (Dumbrava Forest)

3. The population

The population of the Valea Aurie neighborhood is about 11,300 inhabitants. Although it is a small neighborhood, the neighborhood has a large number of inhabitants and the number is increasing. More and more people are looking for housing in this area because the neighborhood is very close to the points of interest in the city and is very close to the Sub Arini Park and the Astra National Museum.

4. Types of constructions

The neighborhood is divided into two large areas: from Sub Arini Park to Calea Poplăcii (Theodor Mihaly street). There are blocks of flats (built for about 40 years). From Calea Poplăcii and up to Islazului street and Pictor Nicolae Grigorescu street is an area of ​​houses. This is a great advantage to the neighborhood, since the structure of Valea Aurie is very well designed. The neighborhood thus becomes an important landmark for all those who wish to purchase a home in this area, as there is a wide range of apartments and houses for sale / rent.

5. Sights and institutions of interest

When we say Valea Aurie, the thought automatically takes us to the Astra National Museum and the Zoological Garden. Indeed, there are two objectives that attract the largest number of tourists and tourists, especially in the hot seasons. In addition to these two objectives there is the Sub Arini Park which is so loved by Sibiu and the ideal place for relaxation. Near the valley created by the Trinkbach stream is also the Golden Valley Chalet, which today is a restaurant of the same name. There is also a playground for children, the sports base and the Church of the Holy Spirit with the philanthropic association "Saint Nicholas".

Also in the neighborhood there are kindergartens, general schools, religious cults, shops, restaurants, bus and taxi stations, parks for relaxation and playgrounds for children, medical offices, pharmacies.

6. Distance from the center

Another advantage of this neighborhood is the short distance to the points of interest in the city. The neighborhood is 12 minutes from the city center, which means a distance of 4.8 km. By crossing this distance walking, you can reach the downtown of Sibiu in 45 minutes. Also, given that the local infrastructure of public transport is developed, you can reach the city center in 20 minutes by bus on route 5.

7. Infrastructure with public transport lines

The infrastructure of public transport is very developed. It is very easy to get from one end of the city to another, in most cases the route is direct. The bus stations are located on Calea Poplăcii and Poiana street (Where there is a line end for all the routes mentioned below):

Line 5 - Route - Valea Aurie - Train station
Line 14 - Route - Valea Aurie - Cartier Reșița
Line 15 - Route - Valea Aurie - Train station
Line 16 - Route - Valea Aurie - Cartierul Tineretului
Line 113 - Route - Golden Valley - Europa Unită
Line 116 - Route - Valea Aurie - S.C. Continental

8. Parks and green areas

The neighborhood is bordered by the Sub Arini Park and the Astra National Museum, so it is surrounded by the forest. There are many parks and spaces specially designed for children, many of these playgrounds being recently arranged. The largest playgrounds for children are on Calea Poplăcii and on Ludoș street, behind the Church, where there is also the Sports Base.

The Astra National Museum is the second largest open air museum in the world, covering an area of ​​96 ha. Here, the visitors of the museum are transposed into another universe, that of traditional Transylvanian life. The natural décor and wooden boxes bring visitors from all countries of the world year by year. Thus, the area becomes an attraction on the city map.

Also, the Zoological Garden is another important landmark of the neighborhood that attracts tourists year by year. With an area of ​​over 20 ha, the Zoo in Sibiu was the first Zoo in Romania.

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